Pre-War Type Standard Late Road Models and WD16H 1" Type Handlebars - 1.0" diameter

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This item is for good quality chromed 1.0" diameter handlebars which are of an upright road model type - that is similr to the profile used on Norton roadgoing models from mid to the late 1930's.  Addtiionally, when reversed and turned upside down - their profile is not that far removed from the 1" competition types (i.e. pre-War Manx) we have manufactured in the past, and may also be considered for this purpose.  1" Handlebars are very difficult to find and these are nice quality chrome and come with black nylon plugs either end. 

Price is per pair.

As you can see from the main listing photograph - where I have propped these handlebars into an approximate 'upright road model' type position, these handlebars have a nice road going upright profile. 

I have also included an original picture taken from the Pre-War (approximately 1938) WD16H Spare Parts List - which shows the profile of Part Number 3214 handlebars, which was the original 1" handlebar profile fitted to these WD16H models.  In the picture it looks like the handlebars are shown lying almost flat - the profile is not dissimiar to the profile of the handlebars shown here.

Additionally - if you have a Pre-WWII competition model, and wish to fit 1.0" 'dropped' type handlebars - then we have also included additional photographs of these handlebars reversed, and compared against a pair of the Norton 'braced' M30/Manx type handlebars we sometimes manufacture, which are copied from an original set of M30 handlebars.  Although not exactly the same - the 1113 handlebars (reversed) do have a nice sports/racing profile not dissimilar to the original.

As these are handlebars have nice quality chrome (and come in a plastic sheath), with nylon plugs  - they offer good value for money, when compared to recent quotes I have received (mid 2022) for having another batch of our own 1" handlebars manufactured again - and I cannot see us being able to do that for some time.

In the near future I may consider having a batch of these handlebars, with our own Norton type brace added (As used on rubber mounted handlebar Norton girder forks), and then re-chromed.  Obviously those will be much more expensive than listed here, but email us on if you are interested in this option

They are also worth considering if you prefer a bike with a more 'sit up straight' riding position.

The final picture shows these handlebars compared to our other bars in the range - and alongside what I believe could be an original set of 1" WD 16H handlebars (which came from old friend Titch Allen many years ago), for comparison.

These handlebars are a nicely made from an established manufacturer and include black rubber plugs on either end 


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