Norton Telescopic Fork Leg - Replacement Manx Norton (Conical Hub) Brake Pin (Stainless Steel): Each

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This item is the large diameter threaded brake pin that was screwed into the right hand side alloy fork slider on telescopic fork Manx Norton models, when fitted with the large conical type magnesium Manx Norton brake hub. 

These are CNC manufactured in stainless steel - but as can be seen from the photo - are supplied with the actual brake plate pin left in its un-milled state, as the slot for the brake plate should only be milled once the pin is screwed into position in the fork leg.  

As the Manx type fork leg is very uncommon - we would not normally manufacture an item as unusual as this, but as both myself and a good friend required new ones for our own project bikes, we have made a small batch for sale.  Therefore I have also included a few photographs of the steps I took to fit one of these pegs to an original early type Manx Norton alloy sider (i.e. approximate 1949 type - signified by the fork stay stud holes being vertical, they switched to horizontal positioned studs circa 1950) which I have.

The thread is a BSCycle thread, but the important point to note is that original Manx Norton brake pegs were 'pinned' as can be seen in the accompanyning photographs, therefore if you are removing an original pin for replacement - it is important to remove the pin first, or trying to remove the brake pin without doing so could damage the fork leg or original thread.

We supply the pin with the peg portion left as a cylinder - as this should not be milled to fit the slot of your Manx Norton brake plate until it is fully threaded and tightened into place on the fork leg - it can then be final machined or filed to the same width as your brake plate.  Finally these pegs should be drilled and pinned into position as per the original pins, to ensure there is no chance of them loosening or unwinding in use.  On the fork leg shown in the photograph, the original pin diameter was 0.125" - but you must check your own fork leg and satisfy yourself this is correct for your own bike.

You will notice in the final photograph that when refitting the pin to my own Manx restoration project, I actually drilled and threaded the hole to take a small hex head screw - rather than a pin, as I personally do not like blind pins - but that is the individuals choice.  I also used thread lock when screwing the pin into the fork leg, to further reduce the chance of the pin loosening- again, personal choice.

These pins are CNC manufactured in stainless steel so should not rust.

Final Point:  It is assumed that anyone buying this item has full workshop equipment and is fully conversant with good engineering practice.  We recommend that if this is not the case - you do not attempt this job yourself as this could damage the fork leg or comprimise the braking operation - and obviously it is done fully at the customers own responsibility .  It is also imporant to ensure that when fitting pins, no part of the pin is adversly rubbing or fouling any other part of the brake plate or hub in operation - as it is not unusual to have small differences in fit over the various years this design was fitted

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