Wheel Bearing - Norton Conical Rear Hub (non drive side) - Single Ball Bearing : (Limited quantity)

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- Single row ball bearing.from top quality RHP brand. As fitted to the non drive side (i.e. timing side) on the magnesium conical rear hubs of the type fitted to 1950 Gardengate and later DOHC Featherbed Manx Nortons. 

I do not normally stock this bearing, as it is a rare hub and not commonly asked for - but I needed to find them when building my own 1950 DOHC Gardengate Norton, which is fitted with a magnesium Conical rear hub - see photo.  I found that original high quality RHP bearings for this hub are now very difficult to find.

This listing is for the ball bearing which was fitted on the non drive side, as per photo.   believe originally this type of hub was fitted with a single ball bearing on the plain side and a roller bearing on the brake drum side. Eventually, I was able to find a small quantity of these original RHP bearings in the correct 'looser' C3 RHP fitment - so bought a couple additional to stock.  

The price shown is based on the small stock I have - but at the point these run out, they may be unobtainable or I will need to confirm a new price - unfortunately that is the world of obsolete bearings.  Sorry for the price, but they are the genuine UK item.

Final point:  You may notice in the photo that the conical hub is fitted into a 1950 Gardengate frame - this conical hub was only fitted into that frame for the last year of the Gardengate year - 1950, after that the same hub was fitted into the Featherbed DOHC Manx Norton.  The normal Gardengate rear spindle (just visible in photo) was a special affair with a large diameter flat section in the middle.  The 1950 Norton Spare Parts List shows that special plunger rear spindle still being fitted to this type of conical hub - but I have been unable to find bearings to fit this setup.  Instead, this bearing is the type fitted to later DOHC Featherbed conical hubs - where there was an alloy spacer between the bearings, and a parallel spindle that pushed through the alloy spacer.  This bearing distance piece is shown in the second photo.

Therefore - bear in mind if ordering these bearings - the inner diameter of this bearing is 7/8" - to fit onto that type of alloy spacer, it will not fit onto the original Gardengate plunger spindle which is a lesser diameter at the bearing location point


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