SOHC Crankcase Bevel Platform - Oil Return Blanking Plug/Washer (SS)

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Distinctive small hex blanking plug/bolt that locates on the left side on the crankcase lower bevel platfom.  CNC maufactured in stainless steel and includes red fibre washer.

This item is an identical copy of the original Norton blanking plug used on Cammy International and M30/Manx variants.  Thread is 1/4 BSC, but it has a deeper 'reduced head' hex than commercially available bolts, as well as the distinctive curved head used on many Norton bolts and a slot for a screwdriver which the original bolt had.  Its purpose is to blank off the vertical oil gallery that returns oil to the feed union if it bypasses the pressure release ball located behind the inner timing case.

We manufacture this ourself from stainless steel round bar, then mill the hex/slot to the correct Norton size, hence why they are not cheap!

Final point - we also include the correct (high quality) red fibre washer - of the same type used on our cheesehead screws.  Although these blanking plugs are relatively small - they are located on a prominent position of the bevel platform, and original (steel/plated) blanking plugs often look corroded or chewed - therefore this high quality stainless item adds a much better finish!

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