Norton International/M30 Handlebar With Fork Brace - 7/8" diameter

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Racing TT style handlebars with the special fork brace that fitted through the Norton rubber mount clamps and bolted to the front girder lug speedometer mount holes, preventing the handlebars from rotating.

This listing is for 7/8" diameter handlebars, which was adopted from mid 1930's onwards and are still the standard diameter - so all ancillaries will easily fit. These handlebars have been specially made for me by a specialist UK handlebar maker, to a template taken from my 1938 Big Plunger M30 (Manx) Norton handlebars, which I believe to be original 'TT profile' handlebars. Likewise, the special clamp that wraps round the centre of the handlebar is lasercut from a template pattern taken from an original which had been 'unbrazed' from original International handlebars, so are identical. Sorry these are not cheap but when you consider the manufacturing process: small production run by specialist handlebar manufacturer, lasercut brace, press tools/jigs and bending, brazing, then finally polishing and chroming by UK classic vehicle chroming specialists - I will hope you will understand why this is - and they do look exactly as originals, and very nice! As a final note: they have been made with brace at exactly same as original (I jigged this). The brace protrudes through the rubber mount handlebar casting, goes either side of the large damper nut and then the brace bolts to the top girder spindle casting. A small amount of handlebar adjustment is then possible by fitting washers under the brace ad using slightly longer bolts as desired

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