Black Lightning Footrest Hanger Plates

Black Lightning Footrest Hanger Plates

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Correct footrest assemby hanger plates for Vincent Black Lightning (and similar for Grey Flash) racing motorcycles - sold as pair

These hanger plates are lasercut in 8mm alumium and are taken from templates I took from a genuine Vincent Black Lightning about 25 years ago. The holes are the correct diameter and in the correct place and are from the same batch as those fitted to my own Black Lightning replica. As far as I know, these have never been available for sale since Vincent's stopped making Lightning's!.

The left type was also used on Vincent 500cc Grey Flash's  - but the same plate was used on both sides for this  model (email us on - we may have sets of these available as well)

Please note, as supplied (from my lasercutter's) the aluminium is unpolished and mayt have some minor scratches and therefore may require some linishing/polishing . . . sorry, but I had to do that myself as well! Sold as a matching pair

Update Sept 2018:  Sorry but have just ran out of stock.  I originally had approximately 10 sets of these made and other than myself was not sure if they would sell . . . but clearly there are other people out there building Black Lightning lookalikes!  Please email us on if you wish to order a pair, I may be having a new batch made at the next visit to our lasercutting manufacturer later this year

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