SOHC/DOHC 'Manx Type' Castellated Big End Nut

Product no.: 0072c A11M/27CN

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These castellated nuts are of the type originally fitted to later DOHC BigEnds and are made as per the original design.

- Price is 'per nut' - If you are not sure what type of nuts your engine should be fitted with :

Earlier Manx Bigends (all SOHC\DOHC magnesium cased pre-featerhbed engines and earlier Manx Featherbed engines) used large 47mm AF Hex Nuts (see Item 0072b for these).

Later shortstroke DOHC engines used castellated nuts. I can supply both types.

If you are not sure if your flywheels should be using Hex nuts - look for the 'Mickey Mouse ear' cutaways, for grub screws (see 2nd photograph), which signify it was fitted with Hex nuts. Wherever possible, if the engine was fitted with these larger nuts, you should try and refit them, as they provide a larger surface area than castellated or International nuts.

However, some people prefer castellated nuts as they have the special spanner/socket needed to tighten these nuts and can provide a lot of pressure with that type of spanner - if so, they can be used on SOHC type Bigends


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