New Products & Restocks

New Products & Restocks

New Products & Restocks

Latest New Products and Re-Stocks Update: 

This page gives details of the latest products we have manufactured, or those that have recently come back in stock (i.e normally those that are being frequently requested by customers).     Items are listed in order of most recent first




Section 1: Latest New (In-House) Manufactured Products:

Latest In-House CNC Products available:

Date: Item No Item Description ..     ..    ..    .. Web Link:
2017/10/05 XXX

SOHC International and M30 Engine Bolts/Nuts and Engine Bolt Sets.

These are 'Work in Progress' at the moment.  I am currently manufacturing the M30 front engine bolts - almost 6" in length with special 'reduced' head' Norton pattern heads, in stainless steel.  See Homepage update - unfortunately not getting much time to manufacture at the moment, but as soon as I have next bolt available I will update this section and the Online Catalog 

2017/08/05   0660 A11/08X

SOHC Crankcase Bevel Platform - Oil Return Blanking Plug and Washer

Timing Case Section/0660
2017/07/15  0246 A11/721

SOHC Crankcase Feed/Return Oil Pipe Union (a restock but now manufactured in-house on our CNC)

Timing Case/0246

2017/07/10  0248 A2/707 SOHC Crankcase One Way Valve Union (a restock but now manufactured in-house on our CNC) Timing Case/0248
2017/06/12 0248b A11/719 SOHC Crankcase Union/Cambox Union/Breather Union (straight thru) Timing Case/0248b
2017/05/21 0653 A11/50

SOHC International Model 30/40: Brake Pedal Pivot Bolt and Nut. Also OHV/SV version (Item no 0652) and Rigid/Gardengate M30/Manx version (Item no 0654) also available in same section

2017/04/01 0640 A11_695 SOHC Cambox - Exhaust Valve Lifter Bearing Cambox/0695















Section 2: Other New Products:

Other new products recently introduced or manufactured for us:

Date: Item No Item Description ..     ..    ..    .. Web Link:
2017/09/01   0661 7_16_ROD

7/16" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 10

Fastener Section/0661
2017/09/01 0662 1_2_ROD1

1/12" Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Washer - Reduced Outer Diameter: Bag of 6)

Fastener Section/0662

2017/07/10  0658 and 0659 1" Handlebar size Choke and Air levers.  We have stocked the 7/8" handlebar size levers for some years, but now are able to offer the same items in earlier 1" handlebar diameter Controls Section










Section 3: Re-Stocks and Soon To Be Back In Stock:

Items we have on back order or are re-manufacturing at the moment:

Last Update Date: Item No Item Description ..     ..    ..    .. When Avail?:
2017/09/02   0323 and 0324

Omega Forged Slipper Pistons :  Inter and M30/M40 type ----  02/09 Update:  Now manufactured, should be available to order in next 2 weeks

Mid Sept 2017

2017/09/02 0562/0563/ 0564/0565

7/8" and 1" Braced/Unbraced Competition Handlebars (but now also competition levers).  The handlebars are now ready for polisihing/chroming, but because I am in process of manufacturing small batch of competition levers - I want to send both off together.  Expect early 2018 for both

Jan/Feb 2018 

2017/09/02 0323 and 0324 Hairpin Valve Springs - Both international and M30/M40 (early Manx type) springs now back in stock

Now In:

Head and Barrel/0443

2017/08/21 0373 and 0373b Norton type small grease nipples - as used on Norton headrace bearings and other lubrication points on singles Mid Sept 2017
2017/07/20 0043 A11/156 SOHC Sleeve Nuts (Head Bolts) For Model 30/30M - Each (and also sets of 4 in Head/Barrel Section

Now In:

Head and Barrel/0443

2017/07/01 0570 A11/854M-F (and 0571 Rear) SOHC/DOHC M30 Racing Oil Tank Oiler - Front Type and Rear Type.  These distinctive Enots type oil taps/gauges, as fitted originally to Racing Norton wrapround oiltanks are now back in stock as we have assembled a new batch.  We are now also able to offer primary chain oil pipe assembly to fit the front oilers

Now In:

Petrol and Oil tank section/0570