Reduced Head Racing Mudguard/Number Plate Bolts - Pack of 4

Reduced Head Racing Mudguard/Number Plate Bolts - Pack of 4

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These 1/4" x 0.750" stainless steel bolts (supplied with nut and washers) have a head reduced to the absolute minimum and slight 5/16" shoulder on the shaft, which allows a 5/16" washer to be fitted - which provides a wider surface area than if a 1/4" washer was used - which is better for use with flattened mudguard stays and when fitting racing number plates. The heads have been reduced to their very minimum, making them very unobtrusive, are slightly chamfered and have a highly polished finish. These are a batch I had specially made - for use on attaching racing type mudguards and also securing racing number plates - they add a nice touch if you like 'minimalist' bolts on sports and racing bikes, (but as they have minimum head on them - I do not recommend they are used on any area where you need to constantly remove them, the minimalist hex flats will soon get damaged). These are bar machined and lovely quality, they come supplied with 5/16" stainless steel washer for the head side and 1/4" washer on the other end and stainless nut, but because of this are not cheap. Sold as a pack of 4

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