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This is the distinctively shaped Air Intake bellmouth and filter assembly - as fitted only to Norton OHV and SV model Amal 76/276 type carburettors from the 1930s until the 1950's. 

Because this intake/filter assembly were only fitted to Norton OHV/SV models (we assume Amal made them exclusively for Norton) - they are now particularly rare and sought after.  As well as the distinctively shaped bellmouth - originally there were 3 steel gauze filters fitted, and a distinctive spring clip to hold the filters in place.  Even if original Norton's still have the bellmouth in place - it is not uncommon to have one or all of the filters missing - or even more common - the original filters to have the gauze damaged or holes in them (see accompanyning photo of an original Norton bellmouth - with damaged gauze).  We have now reporoduced each of these compontents, with the same distinctive shape and dimensions of the original items.

We have had these bellmoouths, stainless steel gauze filters and stainless steel spring clips manufactured for us (all by specialised manufacturers in the UK) to the original style and pattern and they can be purchased as a complete assembly or components.

The only difference from originals - our intake move is machined from solid aluminum bar (the original item was the normal Amal pewter style material), while both our gauze filters and spring clips have been manufactured from stainless steel - so will not rust.  Our gauzes our manufactured for us by a specialist gauze filter manufacturer - and have the correct 'pressed round' rim of the original design.

It should be noted that the accompanyning original line drawing of the intake filter design - taken from the 1948 Norton Spare Parts List shows that originally - 3 filter gauzes were fitted as standard.  Therefore our 'Standard' version is also supplied with 3 filter gauzes.  However - the originla design of the bellmouth was such - that the bellmouth gauze retaining area was deep enough to hold 5 gauze filters.   So even the original Norton version (an original is shown in the photos) used to have the 'std' 3 filters loosely clipped - where they could move around slightly.  To combat this, we also supply a large diameter heat resistent 'O"-ring with each 3 filter assembly - which fits between the gauzes and the spring clip - and stops unnecessary movement.

I cannot be sure - but would guess that the original intention of making the bellmouth deep enough to accept 5 gauze filters - was because they were originally fitted to WD 16H models in the 1930's - when the UK were preparing for war.  Maybe they had anticipated the WD16H being used in hot sandy climates (North Africa etc - 8th Army) - and had designed the bellmouth to take a maximum of 5 filters for this reason.  With that in mind, one of the variations shown is to purchase an additional 2 filters, as well as the 3 filter kit.  If you order both these items - the two additional filters will be slightly cheaper than buying them individually - and the O ring in the bellmouth kit can be replaced with the 2 additional filters.  Of course - it is up to the customer to decide if the filters fitted might affect the carburettion jetting - but having trial blown through a bellmouth with 5 filters fitted - it still seemed to give little air resistence. 

This is a variable listing - where you can purchase the complete assembly ready to fit to your carburettor - or if you have the original bellmouth already - but have missing or damaged filters, or spring clip is missing - we also sell these items seperately.

These assemblies are manufactured for us in the UK, to the original dimensions - which were adopted from (approximately) the late 1930's through to the introduction of the monobloc carburettor (note - sorry this filter is designed specifically for the Amal 76/276 type carb - it will not fit the later monoblock carburettor)

Item Details:

Part No Title Description No of Components

Norton OHV/SV Gauze Intake Assembly:

Matt Silver Painted Finish (similar to original Amal/Norton version)

Full Intake Assembly

Inlet Bellmouth is paiinted with 

- Hi Temp Matt Silver Paint

- Petrol Reistent Matt Lacquer

- Alloy CNC Bellmouth (painted)

- 3 x Stainless Gauze Filters

- 1 x Stainless Steel Spring Clip

1 - Nitrile 'O' Ring


Norton OHV/SV Gauze Intake Assembly:

Bare Alloy machined finish (alloy bare metal - means paint wont chip and discolour)

Full Intake Assembly as per 1205_1

Intake is in bare me

- Alloy CNC Bellmouth (bare metal)

- 3 x Stainless Gauze Filters

- 1 x Stainless Steel Spring Clip

1 - Nitrile 'O' Ring

1205_3 Additional 2 Gauze Filters (i.e upgrade to 5 filters) when purchasing either 1205_1 or 1205_2

Original Norton design allowed for up to 5 gauze filters to be fitted.

This upgrade allows standard

3 filter assembly to be uplifted

to 5 filters

can only be ordered when purchasing 1205_1 or _2

2 additional filters (supplied alongside the standard filter assembly)
1205_4 Spare Stainless Steel Gauze Filter

Stainless steel gauze filter to same dimensions and mesh as the original Norton design 

- as standard, Norton filters were fitted with 3 gauzes, but the bellmouth were made deep enough to accept 5 gauze filters

- can also be fitted to original Norton/Amal bellmouths 

Single mesh gauze filter
1205_5 Spare Spring Clip

Stainless Steel Spring Clip, fits in internal groove in the original Norton bellmouth design.

Ours are in stainless steel - to original design

Can be fitted to original Norton bellmouths missing the spring

1 x Spring Clip
1205_6 Spare Nitrile 'O' Ring

This 'O' Ring is fitted into our inlet assemblies when fitted with 3 gauzes (i.e. standard config) - to stop the 3 gauzes moving and rattling.

Can be used on original bellmouths if required - but we dont believe the original design was fitted with a ring?

Ring to be placed between gauzes and Spring Clip

1 x Nitreie 'O' Ring


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