Norton Sidecar Transfer - 1920's (and Possible Steering Head) - Gold and Red

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This transfer design is possibly one of the most rarely seen fitted - it being the type fitted to the door of the Norton sidecar of the 1920's. 

However, they may also have been fitted to the frame headstock - as they are similar in style to the Blue 16H engine design (our Item 0118) that was fitted to the Headstock on earlier models,  and would certainly look a nice focal point on a pre-war Solo bike. As you can see from the photograph of the transfer - the design shows a wing coloured mainly red, around an early engine, with the Norton logo underneath.  It would like pretty on the side of any period sidecar, but also - would be a nice addition on any steering head, mudguard or toolbox of a period bike (FYI although not strictly correct - I have affixed one of the 0118 Steering Head transfers to one of my late 1930's Gardengate machines - I think at Steering Head logo is a nice addition on any pre 60's restoration!).

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This transfer is of the non-Waterslide type - which is why the photograph in this listing does not show the final finish of the transfer - as supplied, the front of the transfer is attached to a fine tracing type paper - once the rear of the transfer is wetted (which has glue on it), it must be placed exactly in place (i.e. it cannot be slid once affixed), then allowed to dry, before carefully peeling off the front tissue paper to reveal the final finished transfer.  This was how most original transfers used to be affixed.

the final photograph shows one of my own family pictures (see our Blog page for more detail) -  this being one of my Great Uncles visiting my Great Grandmother/Grandfather on a 1920s Big 4 Norton outfit with Norton sidecar attached - and the same transfer can just be seen on the sidecar door!

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