Norton Main Tank Transfer - Black (All models: Late 1920's - 1960's) - Each

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This is the standard 'Norton' motif in black (with Reg'd Trade Mark in small lettering underneath) fitted to almost all painted/lined Norton petrol tanks, from the late 1920's - early 1960's.  These are UK manufactured Waterslide transfers of the highest quality, do not shrink or crack and are the same ones I have used on my own tanks for the last 30 years

You may see some photographs on the internet of single cylinder Norton's with different size transfers - but these are the correct ones - both in size, colour and style.

This transfer is 110mm x 35mm, Price is Each

Note that the backing paper colour can sometimes vary from the photograph by batch (either an off white or darker bluish are the most common) - but the transfers themselves will always be the same. (our latest batch have a slightly darker blue backing paper than previous batchs)

Fitting:  All transfers are supplied with fitting instructions, but an important point to remember when fitting transfers - do not paint or lacquer over them until they have thoroughly dried.  To be safe - I always leave at least one week after fitting before I then lacquer over them.  Failure to do so can result in the transfer crinkling slightly - as the adhesive under the transfer has not had time to fully harden to the underlying paintwork

We advise always buying at least one extra transfer . ..  there is nothing worse than fitting the transfer - and then when it is dry realising you have gotten it slightly out of position . . . and not having a spare transfer to go to, or even worse making some kind of mistake and ruining a transfer .. . and not having a spare one to use!

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