SOHC Big End (and pre-38 OHV/SV Engines) Feed Plunger - Spring (Each)

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This is the conical spring that fits behind the A11/12 bronze Big End quill on all SOHC models - and pushes it against the crankshaft Big End oil feed tapered hole). Made to original pattern. 

This type of spring was also fitted to the Pre-War OHV/SV models that used a similar Big End quill holder, (the spring was called part number 9014 up to 1938) i.e of the type that protruded from the alloy timing cover (both hex nut and round nut types).

One of the accompanying photographs show the spring as part of the complete Big End oilfeed quill assembly.  This listing is for the spring only, all other items are available seperately. Price is Each.

We have these springs made for us by a top quality UK spring maker to an original pattern

If you have a SOHC central oil feed cambox - the quill spring for that purpose is shorter, see Item 0097

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