Main Bearing - Drive Side Roller Bearing (Non Lipped) : Model 30/40 and 30M/40M (Manx)

Main Bearing - Drive Side Roller Bearing (Non Lipped) : Model 30/40 and 30M/40M (Manx)

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- Single row roller bearing - this version being of non lipped type, but is from original best quality RHP manufacturer in the correct C3 (loose) speicification. This is an alternative fitment to the original 'lipped type' for the inner roller bearing of the two driveside mainshaft bearings in the crankcase on all SOHC engines, both International and early Manx.

As you can see if you read description of item number 0019B, it is no longer possible to obtain the original 'lipped' type roller bearing from RHP in C3 specification.  Therefore I now offer a cheaper alternative from a bearing manufacturer of a lesser quality than RHP.

However, I have been able to obtain a batch of the original RHP C3 specification bearings in non-lipped form.  I have never really been able to understand why Norton's originally used a lipped bearing (by the way - the lip is fitted on the outermost side, i.e. closer to the outer ball bearing - but I believe it was probably to stop the bearing travelling too far if someone forgets to fit the inner spacer that should be fitted to the crankcshaft between the driveside ball and roller bearing.  Certainly, when I have stripped old Inter engines down in the past I have found them fitted with similar 'non-lipped' bearings with no issue at all.

Therefore if you would prefer to have the extra piece of mind of using a bearing manufacturer of the highest quality - and you have the correct mainshaft bearing spacer fitted, then this is a viable alternative.

And as always - these are also getting very hard to get hold of .  . .  so (as of 2016) this may be the last batch from this manufacturer I can get hold of!

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