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Main Bearing - Drive Side Ball Bearing : Model 30/40 and 30M/40M (Manx)

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- Single row ball bearing - Fitted to the outer of the two driveside mainshaft bearings in the crankcase on all SOHC engines, both International and early Manx.  This is the correct C3 (loose tolerence) type, from top quality manufacturer RHP.

16/7/19:  Latest Update - very pleased to say we have had a small batch of the correct C3 bearing commisioned by RHP!  I have left the previous update in place below to show how close we came to fully running out of these.  Not sure how things will progress in the future, but I am hoping this batch should last at least 12 - 18 months. So pleased to have obtained this latest batch ~ I have marked this item as 'New' again for the next 3 months!

 *** 8/3/19: This bearing has now become truly obsolete.  I have managed to source just a handful of correct C3 and am currently enquiring about having a batch made . . . but no guarantees on either.  Because of this, I cannot guarantee I will be able to supply correct C3 RHP version of this bearing again once this stock gone.  And price risen considerably as the stockists who I am finding these last few from know they are the last ones available

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