1.i Norton SOHC Petrol and Oil Tank Parts

1.i Norton SOHC Petrol and Oil Tank Parts

1.i Norton SOHC Petrol and Oil Tank Parts
Norton SOHC Petrol/Oil Tank Parts and Pipe Fittings

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SOHC Crankcase Union/Cambox Union/Breather Union (straight thru)

Product no.: 0248b A11/719

This is a faithful reproduction of the straight through union fitted to SOHC (and DOHC) cambox's for connecting the cambox oil feed pipe (fitted at top of crankcase and cambox), but also used as a front crankcase breather on many Inters and magnesium racing engines.  Finally it is also fitted as a breather union on the bevel chamber of magnesium racing crankcases behind the inner timing cover (while Inter crankcases instead employ a pressure telltale unit).  Copied from an original pre-war item


£8.00 *

Crankcase Breather (straight thru) - AF

Product no.: 0248c A11/719-AF

This is modern replacement for the straight thru breather used on Norton crankcases and timing cases - but uses AF Hex (not Whitworth) - if you are not worried about originality!

£4.00 *

SOHC Breather and One Way Valve Copper Washer- Pack of 3

Product no.: 0091b E5264-C2

- 1/4" BSP Copper Washer - pack of 3. This washer is suitable for use in 3 places - the Drive Side One Way Valve and the straight through breather or unions fitted to SOHC crankcase fittings and cambox. These washers are not quite as wide as item 0090b, and therefore look less obtrusive when fitted behind these unions (you may decide though you prefer to fit red fibre washers which we also sell). These can also be fitted to 1/4 BSP petrol taps. Sold as a pack of 3

£1.90 *

Oil Tank Union (without gauze)

Product no.: 0248d A11\292
This is the oil tank union fitted to many International\Manx oil tanks with the larger 3\8" BSP fitting on both sides (crankcase unions were smaller on the crankcase side). Please note - these do not have gauze filters fitted, which the 'Feed' side union would have had originally (I might make some of these in the future). Gauze can easily be added in by soft soldering.
£4.00 *

Crankcase Breather - Fibre Washer

Product no.: 0249 A11/719FW

Surprisingly it is very difficult to find good quality vulcanised (red fibre) washers to fit 1/4"BSP fittings. These red fibre washers are of the highest quality (from a specialist manufacturer) and have just the right external diameter - but are a very tight fit on the thread. To fit them I place the breather (or similar 1/4" BSP fitting) in soft jaw vice, then place these washers just onto the thread - then I carefully use a pair of large pliers (the circular hole with coarse teeth) to carefully wind them onto the thread. Although this is difficult - the result is the correct size washer that does not look out of place under a Norton breather (unlike many modern ones that are far too wide and look out of place). These are high quality washers from a top manufacturer - sold in pack of 5. Note: do not buy if you are worried you might not be able to fit them!!

£2.10 *

SOHC Crankcase Union/Sump Bolt Filter 1/4" BSP Copper Washer - Pack of 3

Product no.: 0090b E5264-C1

1/4" BSP Copper Washer - pack of 3. This washer is suitable for use in 3 places - the main Oil pipe unions that screw into the crankcase (see second photograph), the Oil filter bolt that fits at the base of the timing case chamber or the sump plug screw. 

£2.90 *

SOHC Oil Filter (Dowty) Washer

Product no.: 0090 E5264

- Modern equivelant Dowty washer (outer washer is zinc plated steel, inner washer is neoprene). This washer is used behind the timing chamber filter bolt and also at the back of the rear cylinder crankcase mouth bolt (that has an oil feed)

£1.00 *
In stock

All Norton Pre-Featherbed Models - Head Race Bearing - Ball Sets

Product no.: 0217 A2/521

- Full set of headrace balls - both top and bottom race - to fit all Norton single frames - 34 balls in all, plus one spare in case you drop one!, 34 + 1 = 35.

£14.00 *
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61 - 68 of 68 results