1.f Norton SOHC Timing Case & Crankcase Parts

1.f Norton SOHC Timing Case & Crankcase Parts
Norton SOHC Timing Case and Crankcase Parts

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SOHC Crankcase Feed/Return Oil Pipe Union

Product no.: 0246 A11/721

These are the unions that screw into the crankcase behind the timing chamber - it is the smaller 1/4" BSP side that screws into the crankcase, the larger side is 3/8" BSP and takes the distinctive large oil pipes fitted to Norton Internationals. 

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Crankcase Oil Pipe Union - AF

Product no.: 0246b A11/721-AF

This is the Union that fits into International and SOHC Manx crankcases for both Feed and Return. It allows for the standard 3/8" BSP SOHC Norton oil pipes to be connected. It is very close to original but is a modern item, and uses a larger spanner hex, requiring a UNF spanner. This is a cheaper alternative to the original brass union that I have made specially (Item no 0246), but as you only need to screw it in once this is not really an issue - item is still high quality and is cadmium plated. - Price is per each

£4.00 *

Crankcase Oil Pipe Union - Fibre Washer

Product no.: 0247 A11/721FW

This is the fibre washer that fits behind the oil feed/return crankcase union. Also fits behind the A11\878 rear cylinder feed shouldered nut

£1.20 *

Crankcase Breather (One Way Valve)

Product no.: 0248 A2/707

Correct (and as per original) 1/4" BSP 'One Way Valve' - as fitted to all Norton singles, including all SOHC, OHV and SV models - this item screwing into the recess just above the drive side main bearings, allowing the engine to breathe correctly

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SOHC Crankcase Union/Cambox Union/Breather Union (straight thru)

Product no.: 0248b A11/719

This is a faithful reproduction of the straight through union fitted to SOHC (and DOHC) cambox's for connecting the cambox oil feed pipe (fitted at top of crankcase and cambox), but also used as a front crankcase breather on many Inters and magnesium racing engines.  Finally it is also fitted as a breather union on the bevel chamber of magnesium racing crankcases behind the inner timing cover (while Inter crankcases instead employ a pressure telltale unit).  Copied from an original pre-war item


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Crankcase Breather (straight thru) - AF

Product no.: 0248c A11/719-AF

This is modern replacement for the straight thru breather used on Norton crankcases and timing cases - but uses AF Hex (not Whitworth) - if you are not worried about originality!

£4.00 *

Crankcase Breather - Fibre Washer

Product no.: 0249 A11/719FW

Surprisingly it is very difficult to find good quality vulcanised (red fibre) washers to fit 1/4"BSP fittings. These red fibre washers are of the highest quality (from a specialist manufacturer) and have just the right external diameter - see listing for details

£2.10 *

Oil Tank Union (without gauze)

Product no.: 0248d A11\292
This is the oil tank union fitted to many International\Manx oil tanks with the larger 3\8" BSP fitting on both sides (crankcase unions were smaller on the crankcase side). Please note - these do not have gauze filters fitted, which the 'Feed' side union would have had originally (I might make some of these in the future). Gauze can easily be added in by soft soldering.
£4.00 *

SOHC Crankcase Union/Sump Bolt Filter 1/4" BSP Copper Washer - Pack of 3

Product no.: 0090b E5264-C1

1/4" BSP Copper Washer - pack of 3. This washer is suitable for use in 3 places - the main Oil pipe unions that screw into the crankcase (see second photograph), the Oil filter bolt that fits at the base of the timing case chamber or the sump plug screw. 

£2.90 *

SOHC Breather and One Way Valve Copper Washer- Pack of 3

Product no.: 0091b E5264-C2

- 1/4" BSP Copper Washer - pack of 3. This washer is suitable for use in 3 places - the Drive Side One Way Valve and the straight through breather or unions fitted to SOHC crankcase fittings and cambox. These washers are not quite as wide as item 0090b, and therefore look less obtrusive when fitted behind these unions (you may decide though you prefer to fit red fibre washers which we also sell). These can also be fitted to 1/4 BSP petrol taps. Sold as a pack of 3

£1.90 *

SOHC Pressure Release Adjusting Screw and Locknut

Product no.: 0243 A11/42+43
This is the oil pressure adjuster that sits behind the inner timing case. This is the adjuster used to regulate the oil pressure, used in conjunction with a stell ball and spring, which I also sell It is also supplied with the correct 'half nut' style locknut, and with all my parts that are visible, they are both manufactured from stainless steel. Price is for both items
£10.50 *

SOHC Pressure Adjuster Locknuts - Pack of 3

Product no.: 0243b A11/43
5/16" x 26tpi Half Nuts, as fitted to oil pressure adjuster bolt, stainless steel. Pack of 3
£3.60 *

Pressure Release Ball

Product no.: 0244 A11/15
- 7/32" Ball used in the Pressure Release Mechanism behind timing case. - Note : I find it a good idea to keep a few of these spare as if the adjuster comes loose and drops out, these balls are always lost. I alleviate this by selling a minium qty of 3
£1.80 *

SOHC Pressure Release Ball Spring

Product no.: 0245 A11/16
- This spring retains the 7/32" ball on the Pressure Release adjuster, fitted behind the timing case. Made to original pattern
£1.80 *

Cylinder Feed Bolt Adjuster Screw

Product no.: 0259 A11/40

This is the adjuster screw that controls feed of oil to the barrel, through the rear cylinder bolt - Exactly as per original, but much prettier in stainless steel

£8.50 *
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Cylinder Feed Bolt Adjuster Screw Nut

Product no.: 0260 A11/41

This is the special reduced head nut, that acts as a lock nut for the adjuster screw A11/40 - Just as per original, but much prettier in stainless steel

£1.60 *
In stock

SOHC All Models - Timing Case Mainshaft/Bevel Shim - Various Sizes

Product no.: 0264 A11/46c

- Essential when rebuilding your engine to ensure that the mainshaft bevel has the correct backlash and position in relation to the lower vertical bevel gear, these mainshaft shims fit between the timing side main bearing and the mainshaft bevel gear - This shim is used once the crankshaft has been shimmed and you are fitting the lower bevel gears. This is for a single shim in one of the following sizes: 0.030”/0.018”/ 0.012"/0.006"/0.003” (or in metric: 0.5mm/0.3mm/0.2mm/0.1mm/0.05mm) . 

£2.80 *

SOHC All Models - Timing Case Mainshaft/Bevel Shim - Set of 5 Shims

Product no.: 0264b A11/46a-s

- Essential when rebuilding your engine to ensure that the mainshaft bevel has the correct backlash and position in relation to the lower vertical bevel gear, these mainshaft shims fit between the timing side main bearing and the mainshaft bevel gear. This is for a complete set of 5 shims in the following sizes : 0.030”/0.018”/ 0.012"/0.006"/0.003” (with a cost saving over buying them separately). 

£13.00 *
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SOHC Cylinder Feed Bolt Oil Adjuster - Copper Washer

Product no.: 0276 A11/40C
Copper washer that fits behind the cylinder feed bolt nut
£0.75 *

Cylinder Feed Lubrication Bolt - Lipped Nut

Product no.: 0277 A11/878

- This lipped nut is milled from solid round stainless bar and much improves appearance, particularly as the original are normally quite chewed. Not the cheapest of nuts due to the fact that it has to be machined from solid round bar. Update Dec 2010: New stock of these now in, CNC machined and beautiful to look at.

£8.50 *
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Cylinder Feed Lubrication Bolt

Product no.: 0316 A11/38

This is the multi-stepped crankcase bolt that is drilled through it centre to feed oil to the back of the crankcase wall, as well as providing a means to meter the feed of oil to the cambox

£26.00 *
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Cylinder Lubrication Feed Bolt Kit

Product no.: 0317 CYLFEED1

This kit of parts consists of the Cylinder Feed Bolt (A11/38), Cylinder Feed Lipped Nut (A11/878), Camfeed Adjuster Screw and nut (A11/40) + (A11/41), Adjuster screw washer (A11/40c), lipped nut Fibre Washer, 3/8" Stainless nut (for the drive side) and steel washer and fibre washer to go behind that (although this may be replaced with either Dowty washer or copper washer depending on what is in stock at the time. It also comes with instructions for setting this kit up for optimum oil setting. Buying these items as a kit provides a discount over buying the items individually

£43.00 *
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Timing Side Mainshaft \ Camshaft Woodruff Key

Product no.: 0356 A11/797
This is the Woodruff key that fits on the Timing Side mainshaft key and retains the mainshaft bevel. It is also the same woodruff key that is used on the SOHC camshaft to retain the cams (both keys are the same). This item is for a pack of 3 woodruff keys
£2.20 *

Norton 15 Tooth Magneto Sprocket - Engine Side

Product no.: 0391 A2/79

This item is the 15 tooth engine sprocket that drives the chain to the magneto sprocket, it fits on the end of the oil pump drive gear. These items are just the same in profile as original sprockets - the engine side sprocket being a flat profile sprocket, (while the magneto side sprocket is recessed), just as per originals. 

£23.00 *

Norton 15 Tooth Magneto Sprocket - Magneto Side

Product no.: 0392 A11/112

This item is the 15 tooth magneto sprocket that is driven by the chain from the oil pump gear sprocket, and fits on the end of the magneto shaft (either Lucas Magdyno or BTH KD1). These items are just the same in profile as original sprockets - the magneto sprocket being recessed, just as the original was. 

£23.00 *

SOHC Magneto Chain (Renolds brand) + Soft Link : SOHC Models (46 Link)

Product no.: 0393 A11/113

Genuine Renolds magneto chain and one soft link, to fit SOHC 500cc and later 350cc engines. Note, these chains should use a riveted (soft link), not a circlip link. Can also be used on later OHV/SV models.  See detail listing for more information

£30.00 *
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Magneto Chain Soft (Rivetable) Link (Renolds)

Product no.: 0394 A11/113R
This item is a Renolds 'soft' link to fit a magneto chain. This type of rivetable link is always preferable to a 'split' type link and would have been fitted orignally. These can be fiddly to fit, but the normal process is to fit the soft link, ensuring the back plate of the soft link is resting against a firm metal surface, then use a punch and small hammer to peen the end of the soft link pins so that the outer plate cannot come off. The end of these pins are unhardened for this purpose. It is not unusual to find that once this has been done the result is this link becomes a 'tight' spot on the chain, in which case give it may required slight tweaking and movement to restore full movement. Each chain comes supplied with a soft link, but if you feel you have damaged the link supplied (i.e. hit it too hard with the hammer!), then I also supply these spare links seperately here. These links are high quality 'Renolds' make.
£3.50 *
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Magneto Chain Split Link (Renolds)

Product no.: 0395 A11/113S

This item is a Renolds 'split' link to fit a magneto chain. 

£3.50 *
In stock

Magneto Chain Link and Half (Renolds)

Product no.: 0432 A11/113H

First and foremost i would say it is not recommended to fit a half link (or link and a half as it actually is), but I know that on some rare occasions you may have an unusual timing covers where the chain can either be too slack/tight with standard links. Therefore this item is for a Reynolds link and a half to fit Norton magneto chains

£5.00 *
In stock

SOHC Inner Timing Case Oil Drive Spindle Bush

Product no.: 0459 A11/38

This is the phosphor bronze bush fitted to all SOHC inner timing cases, which is the bearing for the oil drive gear. These bearings are often badly worn on original engines - easily identifiable because excess oil will collect in the outer timing case space (the area containing the magneto chain), and is the outer cover is often not fully oil tight - hence it leads to a common oil leak. This bearing is specially made for me with the correct inner scroll, which stops short on one end, so when fitted the oil will not leak out into the outer timing case space. It also has a slight lip on the same end to aid fitting. Comes complete with fitting instructions.

Update 20/01/16:  Please note, a customer recently reported to us that he tried to fit one of these bearings to an original timing cover and found it slid in under light finger pressure - It should need to press in, i.e. an interference fit.  We had these bearings manufactured from an original pattern, but having checked have confirmed that these bearings have an external diameter of 0.6865". His original bearing was 0.688".  Therefore please can we suggest you check your original bearing before purchasing this one  - if your original bearing measures greater than 0.6865" outer diameter - then this bearing will not be a suitable replacement.  Apologies for any inconvenience this causes

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31 - 60 of 82 results