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This section lists parts to fit OHV (Overhead Valve) and SV (Sidevalve) Norton parts, as well as a few items to fit Norton Dominator and Norton twin parts.

Update August 2018:  Having received many queries from OHV and SV owners in the last 3 years, we are now expanding our range to include many of the consumable parts for OHV/SV engines.  Having owned and restored numerous OHV and SV machines over the years, I still have a number of parts available for patterns - so email us on our normal sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you have a particular part you are trying to obtain and I can tell you if we are intending to manufacture in the forseeable future.  By the way, the picture shown here is of a 1955 Norton ES2 which was in our family from the mid 1960's.  It is shown here in the late 1980's following a full restoration, it being one of my favourite rides through much of the 1980's.

Please Note: We dont list all chassis and gearbox parts here - go to the relevent SOHC chassis and gearbox section - where a number of the parts are generic to all Norton singles.  Also, visit our Gasket section for a large selection of gaskets to fit both OHV and SV Norton single models - arranged chronologically after the SOHC Gaskets (although a few are common to all models, listed in the SOHC section).

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