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This is a high quality reproduction of the Pre-War racing 'Moseley Air Cushion' type rear pillion bumpad, as fitted as original equipment on late model Velocette KTT's and occasionally pre-war Manx Nortons and other 1930's racing models. 

We have had these replicated exlusively for us from a long established specialist UK upholsterer - using our dimensions, copied from an original pattern 'Moseley Air Cushion' type bum pad (as fitted to my own 1938 Big Plunger Manx Norton - see picture) - which I know was made as a small batch many years ago for a serious collector/restorer of  original Velocette KTT race bikes. 

First of all - I am sorry these are not cheap - but we cannot compete with offshore 'mass produced' bum pads, and the long established UK upholstery company is a specialist manufacturer, who only make in small quantities (we cannot get the price any lower than it is) - we have priced these the lowest we can to make manufacturing them viable -.  With all that said, as you would expect - the quality is very nice and the design is based on an original 'race type' bum pad, including red piping - so will definitely be a an eye catching focal point of any sports or racing 1930's - 40's restoration.

It should be noted - just as the original 1930's design for this bum pad type - this bum pad does not have a steel frame.  Instead, as part of its construction, the base material has two strengthened flaps which are attached directly to the mudguard - using 4 small 1/4" BSC hex bolts with 'Pan type' stainless washers under their head to spread the load.  This was how this type of bum pad were originally fastened to the mudguard and gives the bike a very period 'racing' look, as many competition bikes of that era used the same fixing for bum pads. 

We supply each bum pad with a pack of 4 : 1/4"BSC x 7/8" stainless steel bolts/nuts, with the correct style 'Norton curved' heads, complete with pan washer (which fit between bolt head and seat mounting flap) and a normal washer (for under the mudguard).  Note - we also sell the same pack of 4 bolts in our fastening section - Item 1098.  We do not punch the holes in the flap - because we do not know what width of mudguard the customer will be fitting this bumpad to - but these bumpads do look excellent on the rear Sports/Racing mudguards we also sell (Item 307 and 305R).  Punching the holes is a simple task - and can be done with any 1/4" or 6mm punch with the flap sitting on a piece of wood or alloy.

The original design had a zip to insert the 'air bladder' - which is not required on our type - as these used normal 'seat sponge' instead.  However, if you look at the photo of the underneath of hte bum pad you will see there is a velcro fastener, so the insert shape can be amended to suit your bike, if required.  Note also, that in the photos of the bum pad on the wooden surface, the sponge does not look overly filled - this is because the bumpad in the photo is lying flat - but when fitted to a mudguard, the curve of the mudguard will push the centre of the bumpad out to give it a more 'filled' effect.

The vital dimensions are as follows:

- Length of main rectangle of pad:                  250mm

- Width of main rectangle of pad:                   165mm

-  Width of the two mudguard securing flaps:  145mm

- Height on shallow end (unfitted):                   90mm

- Height at deeper end (unfitted):                   130mm

Update June 2022:  We are only having these made in small quantity batchs, therefore, dependent on demand, we may need to take a reservation with a deposit between batch's.  Currently, they are in stock

Background to this design of Bumpad:

As many customers know - trying to find period design sports or racing 'bumpads' as fitted in period to 1930's-40's race and sports bikes is very difficult.  I have spent many years looking for genuine pads that look correct on a competition bike - with very little luck! They are nearly always split or have just broken apart or got ripped.

The bum pad listed here is based on an original pre-war manufacturers design and was called the 'Moseley Air Cushion'.  The original pre-war design was original fitment on late 1930's Velocette KTT race bikes - see the period factory pictures of a MkVIII Velocette fitted with this design of bum pad.

The original design had a rubber air bladder inside it, which could be pumped up.  It had a small zip on its saddle facing side to facilitate this.  Very few of these original bum pads have survived - but approximately 30 years ago I found a very tatty and rotted example in a friends old barn . . . but the rubber bladder had perished and the cover had rotted . . . therefore it eventually got thrown away by the owner (something I have always regretted).  a few years later though, another friend (and serious collector of Velocette race bikes) had a small batch of these bumpads made - and I was able to purchase one for the 1938 Big Plunger Manx Norton I was restoring at the time - see photo.

Since then, I have often been asked by people looking at the bike - where they can get a bum pad like that?? - so after many years of searching for the original manufacturer, we have now spent some months discussing a batch - and taking dimensions, which have been replicated here.  The only major difference to the original design is the lack of air- bladder, (and zip to insert it) and we have made the shallow end fractionally deeper, to make it more suitable for fitting to both Rigid and Plunger Norton sports models (you will notice on the original version fitted to my Big Plunger Norton, it required a steeel insert under the bum pad to obtain the right height - these bum pads have been trial fitted on a similar model, to get the most likely height).  Not a cheap item - but definitely an unusual and period looking item that will help any sports/racing restoration.

Note: if this bum pad is showing out of stock - it can still be ordered, as we have them made in small batches to order (availability should be within 4 - 6 weeks between batches).

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