Lucas Type 6v Voltage Regulator (Similar to Norton 33108/36084 Mid 1930's-50's) - (Per Unit)

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This replica of the 33108/36084 type 6v Voltage Regulator is a nice example of the type originally fitted to most roadgoing Norton single cylinder models, fitted from mid 1930's to the late 1950's.  See detail listing for more information. Price is per unit.

It is supplied to us from a UK distributor, but I believe is manufactured offshore - but I have to say, that when I looked at one - I was impressed by the quality of it, particularly the electrical components - from memory the original 1930's-50's units looked very little different to this - and of course this unit has the double advantage of not having been shaken to bits for 70 years on top of an old bike (if you are still using the original!), and having fresh connections (original units are prone to corroding connections and sticking relays). 

It looks to offer very good value for money.

Note:  These voltage regulators look to be manufactured in exactly the same way as original period Lucas items, i.e. electrical/mechanical, with two relay units -  and with two coils and the adjuster screws pre-set and painted over (so they are ready to fit and not needing any adjustment).  And therefore they are constructed the same as the original period technology. 

However, if you are less concerned about originality - and want a more up to date electrical system - we also offer 'Solid State' V-Reg 2a Voltage Regulator, which are excellent quality and well proven over many years - these can be fitted in a stripped out original Lucas Voltage Regulator case - See Item Listing 0574.  I found out about these solid state regulators when restoring my Vincent Comet some years ago - which had a notoriously unreliable Miller voltage req unit.  I will leave the choice with you.

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