1930's-50's Norton Pillion Footrest Assembly (Pair)

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These pillion footrest hangers and Norton embossed footrest rubbers are a good replica of the heavyweight pressed steel type fitted to Norton single models through the 1930's to 1950's - i.e. most Rigid and Plunger framed road going models.

These are made off-shore by one of the companies that make Norton single parts - but I believe they originally made many of their parts from a pattern WD16H bike (which I suspect they had in their possession) - and therefore I think the 'pressing' of these pillion footrest hangers look close to the originals.  As you can see from the photos, they are not just crudely bent - but instead have actually been pressed flat at the sides, as the originals would have looked.

Also they come fitted with the very nice 'Norton' embossed footrest rubbers, and together represent very good value for money.  (note: we also sell the same rubbers seperately, should you wear this set out - see the other items lstings in this same section).

They are lightly painted in black paint by the manufacturer - but as you can see, this is just to prevent from rust in storage, and will have chipped and scratched in transit - so I would recommend priming and re-painting before fitting.

As you can see - I have included a picture taken from the 1948 Norton Spare Parts List - which shows the same type of pillion hanger listed.  Next to it is the pillion mount lug - which is of the 'rounded' cast type, as fitted to plunger road frames with pillion footrests.  For Rigid frames - the mounting lug was actually part of the  rear frame bottom tube.

Note: if you have a later swinging arm (or Featherbed) Norton single - then those pillion assemblies were of a different design, and these hangers will not fit those later models.  I have shown a photo of the later lug fitted to swinging arm models - which instead used a cast hanger with central tongue to fit the lug in the picture.

Final point:  I may get round to manufacturing the hex head through bolt and nut (in stainless steel) for these at some point in the future (a long list of other stuff first).  Email us at if interested in a pair


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