Lucas Type U39 (Norton 1930's-50's) Headlamp Switch and Ammeter Panel (Each)

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This is a replica of the Lucas U39 headlamp binacle fitted to Norton Singles (as well as many other makes) from the late 1930's through to the mid 1950s.  The binnacle is fitted with a 6v black face ammeter as well as the U39 3 setting (Off/Pilot/Main) bakelite replica light switch. 

Price is per unit. 

I purchase from a UK distributor - but am aware they are made offshore.  But even given that they are not UK manufactured, I was suprised how good the quality of these looked . . . I remember the original Lucas switches (many years ago, when trying to restore old Nortons for the road . .. and trying to keep original wiring working!!) - and frankly, these units look very similar in construction to the originals.

They look to offer very good value for money . . . and of course, all the electrical connections will be relatively fresh, not tarnished with 70 years of brass corrosion, like the originals!

Although not obvious in the pictures, the base of the binnacle has a small clamp on it's interior - just like the original unit.  This was so that when the wiring harness was fed to the headlamp, the main wiring harness outer cable could be clamped to the binnacle, and not place strain on the wires going to the ammeter and switch.

Note - we sell (genuine) Lucas wiring harnesses for many Norton single types seperately, and can also offer complete headlamp units fitted with this binnacle already fitted, if required, as well as selling the switch and ammeter seperately.

FYI - we can also supply a laminate of the original Norton wiring diagram from the same period, in our facsimile section


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