Racing Rear 19/20" Mudguard - Steel Middle Bracket - Long (Each)

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To go with our 19"/20" 4 1/4" wide C section sports/racing mudguards (Items 0305R/0307) is this fabricated bracket that locates under the mudguard to allow two mudguard struts to attach the mudguard to the frame (or similar).  This version is the same section as our other bracket - Item 0842) has slightly extended stay holders on both sides - the two stay holders extending about 2.5" from the bottom lip of the mudguard, and the final width where the stay holes are being 5.250".

These offer a variation to the shorter type we also sell (0842) in case you wish to use them for other applications, or just want more tyre clearance than the short type.

The bracket is lasercut and then pressed to the same form as the C section mudguard, so is a good close fit under the mudguard, as per the second photograph (which is actually of our shorter bracket - Item 0842, but the C section is the same for both)

This bracket is most suitable for fitting under rear mudguards so that a tubular strut can be ran down to the rear axle spindle of your frame - it then well supporting a bum pad or similar.  It is manufactured from 0.112"/2.8mm steel so is good and strong for this purpose - much easier than having to fabricate one yourself!

See also Item 0842 for the shorter arm type bracket


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