Norton Single : (Bronze) Little End Bush - 4 Types To fit SOHC Inter/Manx/OHV/SV Models avail

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This is a listing for the Little End Bush to fit Norton Single Cylinder models - with 4 variation types.  They are available to fit most SOHC models (road going and competition type), OHV and SV models.  We also manufacture a type to allow the fitment of BSA type pistons, with 0.750" Gudgeon Pin diameter. 

We manufacture these Little End bushes in a high quality Leaded Bronze - PB2 (which has a higher Tin content than others to give very hard wearing properties), and is widely regarded as the best material for Little End manufacture (and of course more expensive than many other bronze types).

We manufacture these Little End bushes to the 'Standard' Norton outer diameter tolerance that would have been used when they were first manufactured - therefore when fitting these bushes to your Con Rod, it is important to confirm the condition of your con rod Little End Eye, and to confirm the condition and diameter of the old Little End bearing your are removing - to ensure it has not gone oval from excessive use or age . . . and to confirm that the the Outer Diameter of our Little End Bush (which are CNC machined to a very close tolerance of the original Norton 'STD' tolerance interference fit), are at least the same diameter as the bush being removed - in case your own Con Rod has already had an oversize Little End fitted in the past. 

Sorry, but we cannot accept Returns on these items once any attempt to fit them has been made (as they will always mark in the process of fitting) - so please ensure you have confirmed dimensions before attempting to fit.

All four types of Little End bushes have a shallow 'coarse scroll' innner oil way running across their width - as per original Norton Little Ends, to aid oiling.

All 4 types of Little Ends have been manufactured to very accurate tolerances - and examples have been 'Test fitted' into original Norton conrods.  The internal bore tolerance of the bushes has been set so that once pressed into a 'Standard' Norton fit con-rod, and any burr's from pressing removed. that a standard Norton Gudgeon Pin will just slide into the bush.  However - as with all Norton parts - con rod tolerances can vary - so you must check the bush after fitting, to ensure the gudgeon pin will turn smoothly in the bore of the new bush.  (As with fitting any plain Little End bush) - if there is any tightness of the Gudgeon pin, it may require gentle hand scraping or light reaming (with lots of light cutting oil), to ensure the pin will spin freely 


Four Types of Little End are currently available, with the following details:


1077_1: Standard SOHC (International), OHV or SV Type - Already pre-drilled with Standard Norton 'Diamond' Type Oil Holes:

This is the 'standard' roadgoing type Little end, to accept Norton 0.875" Gudgeon Pin piston, with 1.150" width con rod Little End eye width (this can vary by @+/- 10 thou by conrod - as this type of Little End was used on most roadgoing Norton single cylinder models over a 30 year period - from early 1930s to late 1950's).  These little ends have the 'regular' Norton 'Diamond' pattern 4 oiling holes pre-drilled, for those customers who would prefer not to drill the holes themselves after pressing the new Little End into the conrod.  However, this means a little more care must be taken when fitting the new Little End bush, to ensure the oil holes in the bush are in-line with those in the conrod - this can be easily achieved by using a permanent felt pen to draw lines over the top of the conrod.  The holes in our bush have been copied exactly from an original Norton bush - and pressed into an original Norton con rod - to ensure they line up.  However, as per the width, there were fractional variations on con rods over the years - so the holes can vary fractionally.  It is not critical if a hole does not line up exactly - providing each of the 4 holes are close and still allow oil to flow through

- Gudgeon Pin Diameter:  0.875"

- Width: 1.150"

- Oil Holes: 4 Hole Diamond Pattern Pre-Drilled

Weight of Little End: 38 gram (as per original)                 


1077_2: Standard SOHC (International), OHV or SV Type - Without Standard Norton 'Diamond' Type Oil Holes:

This is the 'standard' roadgoing type Little end, to accept Norton 0.875" Gudgeon Pin piston, with 1.150" width con rod Little End eye, as per the 1077_1 version - however, this Little End bush does not come with the 'Diamond' type oil holes pre-drilled, instead, this type is intended to be pressed in - then the customer can drill the 4 oil holes to exactly match the con rod of their bike.

This was historically the more 'normal'  way of ensuring the 4 oil holes match your con-rod exactly - because you would wait until you had pressed the new bush into position - then use the existing con rod oil holes as a 'guide' for drilling the holes in the bush.  This is great if you are confident in drilling the holes yourself *(and then gently hand scraping the resulting burrs from the bore of the bush), but if you already have the con rod fitted into a crank or engine - you may be worried about the resulting 'swarf' going into the engine - in which case 1077_1 may be easier.  Both types are the same in other respects

- Gudgeon Pin Diameter:  0.875"

- Width: 1.150"

- Oil Holes: Not Drilled - therefore positioning before pressing is less critical, but customer drills oil holes after fitting

- Weight of Little End: 40 gram (this will reduced to 38g after drilling oil holes)       



1077_3: M30/40 or Manx SOHC (and Longstroke DOHC) Type Little End - non-drillled oil holes:

This is the 'Racing' type Little end - as fitted to Longstroke magnesium crankcase racing engines - which like road models used an  0.875" Gudgeon Pin piston, but had a narrower width than roadgoing models - i.e. a 1.010" width con rod Little End eye.  (Again, tolerances may vary on your con rod by +/-10 thou, but the con rod Little End eye width should be approximately 1.00", and the piston similar.

Other vital dimensions for this type of Little End bush are as per 1077_1 and 1077_2 - but for this 'Racing' (Manx) type Little End, the oil holes are not pre-drilled, as racing (Manx) con rods have had slight variations on their oil holes over the years they were fitted.  Therefore the oil holes will need to be drilled by the customer to suit your individual con rod after fitting.  However - as a rule, genuine Lonstroke Manx rods normally had a minimum of two oil holes on the top of the rod - drilled in the centre line.  Because of the reduced width of the Manx conrod Little End eye, the diamond pattern was not used

(note - if you have one of these narrow rods, but with a Diamond oil pattern already drilled - chances are it started life as an Inter Con Rod and has been modified to fit an M30/Manx by a previous owner - not a good idea as it weakens the eye! - I have at least one of these in my collection!)

- Gudgeon Pin Diameter:  0.875"

- Width: 1.010"

- Oil Holes: Not Drilled - To be drilled by customer after pressing to their own con-rod oil hole pattern

- Weight of Little End: 34 gram (this will reduced further once oil holes drilled)       



1077_4: Standard SOHC (International), OHV or SV Type Width - But bored to receive a (non Norton) 0.750* Gudgeon Pin:

Due to the limited availabilty of replacement pistons for Norton single models over the years - it is not unusual for owners to have fitted similar dimension pistons from other Marques to their engines.  One of the most common 'substitute marques' to be used are BSA pistons - which most commonly, are fitted with a smaller diameter 0.750" Gudgeon Pin (i.e. BSA B40, B44 or B50 pistons in 500cc Norton OHV engines, or BSA twin pistons in 350cc Norton singles - all these piston types being fitted with 0.750" Gudgeon Pins).

This variation of Little End bush is to the same vital dimensions as 1077_2 in all other respects, but has a smaller Gudgeon Pin hole of 0.750", in case you have a standard width roadgoing SV.OHV, SOHC con rod - but wish to fit a piston as described above.

As with 1077_2 - the top oil way holes have not been drilled on this Little End Type - it being for the customer to do this after fitting.

Also - it must be remembered that this Little End will be slightly heavier than a standard Norton Little End and may affect the Balance Factor of the engine.  However - this may well be balanced out by the piston - so all piston components and Little End should be compared to the equivelant Norton components to work out if any re-balancing would be preferable  

- Gudgeon Pin Diameter:  0.750"

- Width: 1.150"

- Oil Holes: Not Drilled - customer drills oil holes after fitting

- Weight of Little End: 68 gram (this will reduce slightly after oil holes drilled)       


Price for all 4 variations is - Each.

Email if you require more technical information on how to remove old Little End bushes, and fit new ones - but it would be expected that anyone attempting this task is familiar with engine build work and has a good understanding of this type of task already - or is trusting the task to an experienced engine builder


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