Norton 1934-57 Upright and Laydown Gearbox Kickstarter Spring Cover (Machined from bar) - Each

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This is the gearbox kickstarter spring cover, of the type that was fitted on all roadgoing Norton model gearbox's from 1934 to 1957 (both Upright and Laydown type Norton gearbox's). 

This is the standard type cover that is fitted over the kickstart spring (our Item 0385) on all roadgoing models, normally painted gloss black.

This item has been machined from solid steel bar, rather than the original pressed steel item (which would require a specialist and uneconomical press steel pattern mould to remanufacture) - so although not cheap to manufacture - result in a high quality item, with a good final gauge that will not easily distort.

We used a genuine 'New Old Stock' Norton item as the template to manufacture these (see the black painted item in the accompanying photographs, which is probalby original Norton black paint) - and it is worth noting that this original is of a thicker gauge than some other kickstart spring covers I have seen over the years - which often get dented in use.  Therefore, as we have replicated this gauge in our 'machined' versions - I think they will be far less susceptable to denting . ..  which is often what you find when looking at original items.

As can be seen from the photo - these are a slide fit/light tap fit over the machined alloy bosss of the gearbox end cover.  It is worth stating we copied that internal fit exactly from the original (new old stock) Norton spring cover - but as part of the setup for this part - we checked a number of original Norton Gearbox end covers - and found that machining tolerances on the machined boss on those covers can vary by 20 or 30 thou over the years . . . so they may just slide on, or may require light tapping with a mallet!. 

They come in bare metal (but protected in Duck Oil). Price is each (and price is for cover only, spring is sold seperately - see Item 0385, although it is shown in one of the acompanyning photos for reference).

Additional Model Gearbox Information:  Although we state these should fit all Norton roadgoing models from 1934 onwards fitted with a kickstarter (up until the introduction of the different 'AMC' type gearbox in 1957), the one exception to this would be the rare genuine Norton 500T trials models.  This model used a pre-war style 'Dollshead' type gearbox, but had a shortened kickstart shaft.  We do not have a genuine 500T gearbox to test against - but would expect that the kickstart spring cover for that model is also shorter - but it may be possible to shorten ours to fit if this is the case.

For Norton single models up to (some point) in 1934, Sturmey Archer gearbox's were fitted (in a variety of guises).  At some point in 1934, Sturmey Archer's parent company closed and Norton started producing their own gearbox.  If you have an earlier Sturmey Archer gearbox - as at December 2021 - we are looking to manufacture some small batch's of kickstart spring covers for 2 or 3 of those gearbox types fitted to Norton.  Contact us on if you require more information on these - we are still trying to confirm definitive dimensions on a couple of models, but see also this section for Sturmey Archer kickstart springs - Item 1064/1065/1066 which we also offer


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