Mixing Chamber Cap Ring to fit original Amal 10RN Carbs (chromed brass) - Each

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These are lovely quality chromed chamber cap to fit all original 10RN (Remote Needle)  Amal Carburetters,  which were the carburettor type fitted to most competition/racing SOHC and early DOHC Norton's from the late 1930's through to the early 1950's.  Original Amal RN carbs are now very difficult to find spares for - and this is one of the parts specific to that carburettor type, and this ring is copied from an original pattern.

The RN top ring was of a slightly wider diameter than the more common Amal TT type (our Item no 0137), as well as being slightly less deep -as the top ring for this carb type also needed to retain the Remote Needle throttle needle cap and prayer book spring (which we can also supply - Item 0167), specific to the RN design.

They are CNC manufactured to the original pattern, with lovely crisp grooving (important not just for grip - but because many TT and RN carbs use the later type design bellmouth spring (our item 0139) which uses this grooving to stop the top ring rotating.

These are CNC manufactured for us in the UK from brass, and then polished and chromed to a high finish (also in the UK - by a company specialising in classic vehicle plating and polishing).  Note also that as part of the manufacturing process for these caps - the ring grooves are not knurled, but are individually grooved on a CNC mill, to ensure a crisp and accurate finish - which knurling would not achieve (and explains why not a cheap part to manufacture).  Some owners of early original Amal racing carbs will know that original knurling is often damaged and worn - resulting in the cap being difficult to remove.

The inner diameter of this ring is also slightly greater than the TT type - it being to fit the original Amal RN inner cap that had an inner spigot diameter of 1.062" (27.1mm)

Note November 2021:  Currently, we do not offer the original type Amal RN inner cap (i.e. with the 1.062" spigot, an original item is shown fitted in the accompanyning photos), but we will shortly be manufacturing a batch, similar to our TT type (Item 0138), but with the wider spigot.  Email us at if you are missing this item.  Note also that the TT type 0138 will fit into the bore of an original RN10 carb - as the cap has a lip on its outer diameter that keeps it centralised .. . so can be used at a push if you do not have an original RN cap, and cannot wait for our RN type to be manufactured.


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