Norton Gardengate Frame - Plunger Chain Adjuster Nuts - Stainless Steel (2 large/2 small)

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This item is for 4 of the correct profile and spanner size 5/16"nuts to fit the original Gardengate Plunger rear wheel adjusters, CNC manufactured in stainless steel.  The main adjuster nuts are double chamfered and deeper than commercially available nuts, while the smaller lock nuts are 'reduced head', i.e. a smaller spanner size than normal 5/16" nuts, to allow for easier adjustment - both types being replicated from the original Norton nuts. 

Price is for 4 nuts.

Although not immediately noticeable - the original (larger) adjustment nuts were of slightly deeper design than other commercially available 5/16" nuts, to provide as much strength as possible when pulling back the rear wheel to avoid stripping threads, and were double chamfered - again, less common on commercial nuts - presumably as single chamfer nuts would be more prone to digging in.  The 'reduced' head locknuts were designed for a smaller 3/16" Whit spanner, again of dimensions specific to this application.

Our nuts both replicate the design of the originals - 'New Old Stock' originals having been used as the pattern, but are CNC manufactured in stainless steel (one of these original assemblies being shown in the accopanying photographs)

Very useful if your items are stripped, heads rounded, or replaced with later non-original items. Note we also sell complete adjuster assemblies including these nuts (Item 1042), or the plunger square head bolt and nuts assemblies (Item 1043).

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