Norton OHV/Side Valve - Rigid/Plunger Frame 'Rectangular' Type Battery Carrier

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This is a reasonable copy of the battery carrier that was fitted to OHV and Side-Valve rigid and plunger framed models, that fitted the PU7D size rectangular style upright 6v battery (of type originally supplied by Lucas or Exide) - as was regularly fitted to Norton models from late 1930's to the mid 1950's (and particularly the WD16H miltary model, from which I suspect this carrier has been copied). 

These battery carriers are manufactured by one of our offshore suppliers and although they are a reasonable copy of the original item.  However we do not like the hinge bolt as they come to us - we have seen a couple where they have not been riveted properly and have come loose - therefore we check each carrier and replace this with a stainless steel hex head bolt and tiny Nyloc nut and washer (see second photograph)- which is we think a much more satisfactory fitting (however, if the original hinge rivet looks secure . . . we will tape the stainless bolt and nut to the outer frame, and leave you to decide if you wish to fit it . .. we think they look much smarter).  Nnote - if you see similar battery carriers being sold elsewhere - they are not likely to have the same long stainless steel hinge bolt/nut fitted!.

Price is each.  Battery carrier consists of fabricated carrier, with hinged front and a nicely formed top threadedbar (nickel plated) with nicely made period acorn nuts - as per main photo. They come with the the main frame painted - but as with many offshore items, this is only a light coat to protect against rust - and as with all good quality restorations, we would recommend they are rubbed down and additional primer/topcoat are applied before final fitting.

Battery Fitting  As can be seen in the accompanying photographs - we can also supply a reproduction PU7D Lucas battery box (genuine Lucas item), of the correct type originally fitted to this carrier type - Our catalog item no 0577.  This battery carrier is a nice quality modern shell, which can then be fitted inside with either with a normal modern wet or dry gell battery to maintain the look of originality.  We also sell the original rubber tray often fitted under this type of battery (Item 0435), to help protect the battery from vibration.  

This listing is for battery carrier only, item 0577 and Item 0435 sold seperately

Norton models fitted:  First of all - although these look visibly similar to the SOHC version of the same battery carrier - they are not SOHC items, they are for OHV and SV models only (the SOHC version has a slightly longer bottom bracket, as the International model had an oil tank that extended past the saddle down tube - so the fabrication extended further outwards to avoid fouling the oil tank), but it should fit most mid 1930's - mid 1950's OHV/SV models. (i.e. pre-swinging arm or Featherbed models).

Update 2021: If customers are interested - we are considering having a small batch of both the SOHC and OHV/SV battery carriers made, of the type that fitted the distinctive 'T-Shape' battery (Norton catalog part A11/586 and A2/586) through the 1930's/40's.  Email us at if interested, although these will be UK made and price likely to be much higher 

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