Norton OHV (350cc/500cc/600cc) Pushrod Bottom Set of 2 Seals : 1938 - 1947 Type (see note)

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This gasket set consists of the 2 x bottom extra thick Red Fibre seals that were fitted to the 1939-47 type OHV engine bottom pushrods.  This is particularly difficult seal to find now and we have had it made specially for us.  Price is per pair.

Background:  As can be seen from the photograpsh of an original engine - this type of OHV Norton engine - manufactured from 1938 to 1947 used pushrod tubes retained by a large hex nut, and a deep type red fibre seal.  We have had this seal manufactured specially for us by our main UK gasket manufacturer, using an original seal that came from the engine in the photograph.

This listing is for a pair of these bottom pushrods red fibre seals. 

Note Feb 2021: this particular type of engine also used a distinctive two hole rubber seal that located into a rockerbox recess for the top pushrod sealing.  We are currently talking to our rubber manufacturer to have patterns made for this seal - email us on for an update

Final point -  the earlier type OHV engine, manufactured through the early 1930's to 1937 also had similar nuts and pushrods to this type engine, and I believe used a similar bottom gasket, although the reference number was different.  If you have a pre-37 engine, we would be glad to hear from you so we can confirm our gaskets will fit your engine - these would be supplied free of charge!


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