1947-50 Upright Gearbox - Inspection Cover SS Cheesehead Screw - Pair

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These are the two small screws used on the egg shape 'Norton' Clutch Worm adjuster inspection panel on 1947-50 type Norton Upright gearoboxs. They are CNC'd in stainless steel using an original Norton screw as a pattern

This type of inspection cover was only fitted for small period of two years and the screw used was smaller than other Norton cheesehead screws - so they are hard to find.  These are bar turned stainless steel with the correct thread and Norton gearbox head profile (which at this period was slightly  flatter than corresponding engine timing cover screws.  Price is per Pair of screws.

Note: we also sell a complete gearbox cover cheesehead screw set for this type of gearbox - Item 0995, which includes this pair of screws in that set, if you wish to upgrade your entire cover to stainless steel, and looks very pretty

(By the way - for the Item listing photograph shown here, although I have the correct main uprgight gearbox cover of the 47-50 type, I no longer have one of the egg shape inspection cover, so the screws are shown located where they would normally be - however, we have also included another reference photo of a similar type cover with inspection cover fitted - so you can confirm if yours is of this type.

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