1951-56 Laydown Gearbox - Complete SS Cheesehead Screw/Cover BoltFiller Plug Set

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Complete cheesehead and cover bolt set for Norton Laydown type gearoboxs, as fitted to all roadgoing Norton models and DOHC Manx Nortons from 1950-56. 

This set consists of 7 main gearbox cover cheesehead cover screws, 2 clutch worm inspection cover screws (which are slightly shorter), 3 of the distinctive Norton 'blind' type lower hex nuts (these were the same type as fitted pre-war Norton gearbox covers - they continued to be used on Laydown gearbox's under the kickstart boss) - with the correct Norton type spring washer and finally, the distinctive fine thread filler level plug (which has distinctive pattern with fine thread, almost no chamfer at end of thread, where it contacts rear of filler area, square head and screwdriver slot of b and washer and the correct Norton type square slotted Filler Level Plug. 

All are CNC manufactured by us from stainless steel bar stock and for each of them - orgiinal Norton bolts and screws were used as patterns.

For the cheesehead screws - we have used original Norton gearbox screws (from another complete and unmolested Norton Laydown gearbox, which has been in our family workshop spares collection unstripped since the 1960's!).  The cheesehead screws fitted to gearbox's at this time have a slightly flatter head shape than the Norton SOHC and OHV/SV engine cheeseheads screws used at the same time - and we have copied that style exactly.

Likewise, the Oil Filler plug (which is actually a finer and wider thread than BSC - although on first glance it looks like BSC) is copied from an original item - including the flat finish to the end of the thread.  These are also made from stainless steel bar stock, but we mill the square head and screwdriver slot - so they also look very pretty (originals are nearly always chewed!).

Finally the blind nuts are the correct 'Norton' pattern, which were the same BSC design as used on earlier pre-gearbox's.  It is important to fit the correct thin-width spring washer in the recess before fitting the nut - otherwise the head of the nut 'bottoms out' on the casting.  

As well as being functional, and correctly emulating original patterns, these gearbox cover sets are CNC manufactured in stainless steel and as you can see in the photographs - really look nice and improve the finish of your gearbox.

Background note: When manufacturing our engine cheesehead screw sets, we supply them with special red fibre washers behind them, which was original fitment on engines.  For Norton gearbox's the Spare Parts list did not mention fibre washers, and on gearboxs I have stripped I have never seen them fitted.  Not sure why this was, but because of that, we do not supply the gearbox cheesehead screws with fibre washers.  If you do want to fit them (and there is no reason why they cannot be fitted) - we sell them seperately - Item 0097


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