1947-50 Upright Gearbox - Complete SS Cheesehead Screw/Cover Bolt Set

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Complete cheesehead screw/nut set for the 1947-49 roadgoing type Norton Upright gearbox - as fitted to SV/OHV/SOHC roadgoing models.  Consists of 4 main cheesheads, 2 smaller 'inspection cover' type cheeseheads and botton stud spring washer and 5/16" BSC nut - all CNC'd by ourselves in stainless steel to the original Norton patterns. 

Backgroung Information:  This was the 2nd type of roadgoing Norton (upright type) gearbox Norton fitted after WWII, the first type in 1946-47 looked visibly very similar, but used a round inspecton cover for the clutch worm.

This type, introduced in 1947, was changed to provide a larger inspection cover for easier access to the clutch worm - the inspection cover having a distinctive egg shaped cover - and using smaller cheesehead screws than other Norton gearbox's - exclusive to this model of gearbox, which was only offered for 2 - 3 years, before the introducton of the 'Laydown' gearbox.

This item includes all the front fittings for the external upright cover for this gearbox, and all are the same pattern as the original items - consisting of 4 0.250" Cheesehead screws (which have the correct dimensions and 'flat type' cheesehead style as originals) 1 x 5/16" hex nut and spring washer (fitted at the bottom of the gearbox - rather than the longer pre-war type blind nuts, which would foul the exhaust pipe on post-war models) and the 2 x smaller Norton Inspection cover cheesehead screws (which again, are copied from original items.

Price is for 8 items in total

Please note - unfortunately, in my collection of original parts, I do not have an original egg shaped inspection cover any more - but the screws are of the original pattern.  I have also included another photograph of this type of gearbox, so you can see what the cover looks like, and confirm if it is this type of gearbox you have.

We also produce the blind nuts in stainless steel for the pre-war type Norton gearbox cover (and postwar Manx), as well as complete Cheesehead Screw Sets for the 1950 onwards 'Laydown' gearbox cover


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