Norton Late Featherbed 'Flat' Style Road Type Handlebars (or Vincent models) - 7/8" diameter

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This item is for a chromed 7/8" handlebar with the flat/slightly pulled back form that was similar to those fitted to later Featherbed roadgoing models.  They are also of the type commonly fitted to Vincent postwar models. 7/8" diameter and nice quality

As with Item 0971, I have loosely fitted a pair of these handlebars to my 1937 Inter project bike - just to give an indication of what they look like fitted to a steering head (sorry - I do not have a roadgoing Featherbed model in my collection to hold them up against!).

I believe similar flat style handlebars were fitted to the later Featherbed models in the late 1950's and early 1960's - and there is a picture from the 1962 Norton model range catalog showing what I think was a 650SS twin with flatter style bars.  They would also give earlier Featherbed Inters a slightly more sporting position than the more upright bar is often seen fitted.

Finally, these bars are also of the type originally fitted to Vincent Series B and C roadgoing models.  For comparison, I have also attached a photo of our family Vincent Comet as it was before restoration - here it is fitted with similar handlebars which are possibly original, and certainly date back to early '60's.

These handlebars are a nicely made from an established manufacturer and include black rubber plugs on either end 

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