Late 1920's 596cc OHV Coil Valve Springs (i.e. Terry's VS110 type) - Set of 4 Springs

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High quality (UK manufactured) coil valve springs to fit 1920's 596 OHV models up to 1933, although they may also fit others models fitted with early conical type top valve caps - email us for details if you are unsure on

Similar to Item 0966 - These springs were fitted to the 1920's models and are easily identified by the valve cap that were fitted to these OHV/CS1 models of the 1920's - which as can be seen in the accompanyning photographs were deeply recessed and conical in the centre, so that the inner spring fitted in the recess of the central recessed part of the conical top cup.

They have been manufactured by a well established UK spring manufacturer, who makes all our valve springs.  An original set of 1920's/30's Terry valve springs were used as patterns - which are shown in the photographs, next to ours, along with a pair of original top and bottom valve spring cups of the same era - where the top valve spring cup has an easily identifiable conical shape with radial drill holes.

It is hard to be precise about years and models (as some Norton Spare Parts catalogs list the Model 19 valve spring being the same as fitted to the 500cc Model 18) - but the writing on the box that these Terry's springs came in clearly state they are pattern VS110 (which indicates 596cc OHV in their reference charts) and says they are 596cc OHV type on the packet.  It is difficult to say which years this type of spring were fitted up until, but as they fit the earlier conical type valve caps - it seems evident they are pre 1933.

The Terry's numbers for these springs were: VS110.

If you are unsure if these are correct for your engine - then email us with your engine details and we will try and help identify the correct spring for your engine and confirm dimensions of these springs.

Note we also offer a very similar spring to these - Item 0966, which are for the 500cc OHV/CS1 pre-33 engines, again we can confirm spring dimensions and differences if you are unsure

Final Note: As I update this listing in Dec 2020, we are looking to manufacture a small batch of the earlier valve sping conical type valve caps in early 2021.  We will only make limited numbers of these - if you wish to reserve a set, please email at

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