Needle Carrier to hold (Remote) Needle on Original Amal RN Carburettors

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This is the special needle carrier that were attached to the slide on original Amal RN competition carburettors - allowing the throttle needle to be held remotely from the throttle slide.  CNC machined to original pattern

This fitting is particular to the Amal RN (Remote Needle) model, and as far as we are aware have been unavailable for many years.  Ours are CNC machined from solid brass billet to the exact dimensions of the original item - including the fine slot for the needle spring clip (Item 0960) and the counterbored screw hole at the top, which allows this clip to be attached to the throttle slide.

Note: If you own an original Amal RN carburettor, you have probably looked at the slide and wondered how this needle carrier was held to the slide.  It is important to note that it was not retained purely by the screw (which we believe to be a 5/32 x 32tpi BSW thread) - the RN slide also had the needle holder screw hole counterbored underneath, then when the barrel headed screw was fully tightened, the head of the thread was peened into the counterbore so it could not loosen and come away from vibration in use. Added to this, at least two original RN slides I have stripped have also had the brass needle holder soldered to the slide in addition to the screw (but i am not sure if this was done for all slides).

Therefore, if fitting one of these needle holders to a standard Amal TT slide - it is important to bear in mind the original method of attaching, and satisfy yourself that you have fitted the needle holder securely.

Final note - we are hoping to be able to offer a limited stock of brand new slides/throttle needle holders, newly manufactured and with the needle holder already fitted in Spring 2021.  Email us at if you wish to reserve one of these slides.

(for the observant amongst you - you may notice that the main picture of the needle holder shows a needle fitted - but actually the needle has been fitted upside down - when the needle holder is fitted to a slide, the needle would be facing the other way . . . but this photo shows the method of attachment with spring needle through the slotted area of the holder)

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