Norton SOHC (and pre-1948 OHV/SV) Drain Plug Fibre Washer - Pair: Sump Side Type

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These are the fibre washers that fit the drain plugs fitted on SOHC models and most OHV/SV models manufactured before 1948. These models are identifiable in that the drain plug was fitted at the side of the crankcase (normally underneath main bearings on SOHC types or at the side of the sump area on pre-48 OHV/SV, as per these photographs.  

It should be noted that this type of drain plug is different to the later (1948 onwards) OHV/SV drain plug and requires a different washer to that type (we also sell the fibre washer for that later OHV/SV type - Item 0940).

The other thing that is worth stating about this type of drain plug - is that I have found for the fibre washer to work effectively on this type of plug - it should be of a type that is tight on the thread (and therefore difficult to fit).  I have found if a loose/slip on washer is used It will not work effectively, because the shoulder of the original plug is indented from the thread, and the shoulder is not very wide where it meets the hex head. If it is of a slip on fit it will soon 'mush' and break against the hex of the drain plug.

Therefore to be effective, I have found that the fibre washer needs to be quite hard and a tight fit on the thread - to ensure it does not 'mush' against the hex head in use.

This makes fitting the washer to the drain plug quite difficult - and sometimes I have even resorted to (as carefully as I can) holding the fibre washer in the round toothed section of a pair of blunt nosed piers - while screwing the drain plug through the hard fibre washer with a ring spanner fitted.  This is fiddly, but once on, you should find this washer will work more effectively and last longer than a wider washer that is easier to fit!

These washers are sourced from a top quality washer supplier, and quite hard - to combat the mushing against the hex for that reason.

Price is for 2 washers. Although only one is needed per fitting, it is normal practice to replace them regularly after an oil change.  However, you may find it useful to screw two on, to further combat the mushing effect - I will leave it with you.


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