Norton OHV Rocker Spindle Rear Washer Set of 4 : 1948 - 1955 Type (&56-59 Enquire)

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This OHV Rocker Spindle washer set consists of 2 x copper washers and 2 x copper washers, as fitted on all 1948-55 OHV engines.  They may also fit 56-59 Rocker Spindles.

For 1956-59 Engines: The Norton Spare Parts list for 1957 lists the same copper washer as used on the 48-55 type engines (that these washers are intended for) - but has one digit of the part number transposed, which may be a typo mistake.  Unfortunately I no longer have a 56-59 OHV rockerbox in my posession, so cannot double check .. . but if you have this type of engine, email us at and we will confirm dimensions.

Note:  For this listing item - we supply 4 washers: 2 x copper and 2 x red fibre washers.  In the 48-55 catalog, it is unclear if red fibre washers are fitted behind the copper washers - but I have seen both types of washers listed and fitted for this rocker spindle.  In the past when I was regurly running one of these engines on the road, I found it useful to have a red fibre closest to the rockerbox casting and the thin copper washers outside those, which the domed nut tightened up against.  However, if you only have sufficient thread for one washer - or only wish to fit one - then fitment of the copper washer is correct, and that is all that is shown listed in the 1957 catalog.

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