Norton OHV Tappet Cover Cork Gasket : 1948 - 1956 Type

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This is the well known gasket fitted to tappet covers on all OHV (i.e. Model 18, ES2, Model 19) between 1948 - 1956.  Manufactured in cork gasket material, as per the original

It is slightly different to the type fitted from 1938 - 47 in that it fitted against a rockerbox casting where the cheesehead screw had gasket material all around it. Earlier engines had a slightly different gasket (Item -0918) - Please check your own rockerbox to ensure yours is similar to the one in our photos.  

These are one of the most common leakage areas on this type of engine (probably because of the engine breathing or the pressed steel cover).  Although a new cork gasket like this mostly alleviates the leakage .. . when I was riding one of these models on the road regularly, I also use to smear a light layer of silicone gasket liquid over the cork gasket as well - which seem to make them more oiltight.  It was also common to find the pressed steel cover had its screw holes indented through overtightening the screws.  Turning the cover over on a flat hard surface and carefully punching the holes back flat with an alloy drift would greatly help the issue.

This gasket is manufactured for us in good quality oil resistent gasket material by a well established UK gasket manufacturer

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