Norton 1928-29 Spare Parts List : OHV and SV Models (With 29 Models Supplement) - A4 Facsimile

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This is a high quality facsimile of the original Norton 1928-29 Spare Parts Catalog for OHV (excluding ES2) and SV Models, but printed in A4 format. The main spare parts list covers the roadgoing Model 18, 19, 21 and 24 OHV models and Model 1, 2, 14 and 16H SV models.  It also includes a rare 4 page supplement for final (post 1929) changes to the  'magneto forward of engine' OHV and SV models.  

This particular catalog covers the roadgoing/non-sports OHV and Side Valve models for 1928 - 29, but also includes a rare 4 page supplement which includes all the final changes made to the 'magneto forward of crankcase' OHV/SV models subsequent to 1929 (which was shortly superceded by the magneto behind crankcase models that followed into the 1930's).  Just like the original catalog, this 4 page supplement is supplied slipped into the main catalog seperately.

For anyone interested in Norton single cylinder models of the late 1920's into the early 1930's this is an excellent catalog and makes good reading in its own right, with nice clear pictures of every part (expanded to be legible in A4 format) as well as every part number included.  In many years of hunting for rare Norton catalogs, this is the only copy of this particular year/model format I have seen - and if like me, you like looking at the detail of part changes by year for originality purposes, then this particular catalog is fascinating at it seems to cover that transition from the Norton 'flat tank' 1920's era, into the first pannier tank models, in some ways straddling both.

It has clear pictures of all OHV (excluding ES2 - see note below) and Side Valve model parts for that year, but is unusual in that it is the only spare parts catalog I have seen that gives detailed pictures (with all parts shown) of both the Norton Webb forks fitted into the early 1930s and the earlier Druid type forks fitted through the 1920's.  Another interesting feature of this catalog as the frames shown are those fitted to the non-sports models which were still of the type fitted through the 1920's - they being the open cradle type with a casting that held the gearbox by two vertical studs.

The catalog is 24 pages (with picture plates) + 4 additional supplement pages. The card cover is a beige/grey similar to the original cover for this year (the original being a bit grubby) with red lettering.  

Note: it seems that Norton produced two Spare Parts Catalogs for this period - this version covering the 'Standard' type OHV and SV machines, and a second catalog covering the 'Sports/Racing' CS1 (Walter Moore) SOHC engine and ES2 (sports type) OHV moels - the SOHC model having just been introduced at the time. 

I am fortunate to have original copies for each catalogs and have reproduced both.  the CS1/ES2 catalog is Item 0892.  If you do not wish to purchase both - but are not sure which catalog will cover your own machine:  The CS1/ES2 catalog covers mainly the sports/racing parts of that period - i.e. SOHC Walter Moore engine in full detail, Webb Forks only, 3 tube full cradle frame and sportier tanks and fittings for the CS1/ES2 models.  This listing covers the standard roadgoing OHV/SV models, i.e. open frame and slightly different oil tanks, carbs, magnetos, leg shields etc.

Having compared both catalogs back to back, there is a small amount of overlap - but overall it is suprising how many parts (including part numbers) are different between the two model ranges.

As an incentive to anyone unsure which to order - if both catalogs are ordered at the same time we will offer a £3 discount on the total price of both catalogs - please remind Steph of this at the time you place the order!


Pre-War Facsimile Catalogs: Additional Information

We print these pre-war catalogs in larger format as they did not use 'Exploded' diagrams - therefore A4 format makes the pictures much easier to see.  All else as per original - see detail information for more information. 

 As with all the facsimile catalogs we produce, much effort has been taken to remove any defects from the original copy - i.e. smudge marks, finger prints etc, and as you can see from the photographs, the overall yellow fading that is prevelent in most original pre-war catalogs has been removed - resulting in a high quality reproduction with all the original parts numbers, artwork and descriptions easily legible.

However, while the original Spare Parts Catalogs were printed in an approximate A5 format (i.e. 8 3/4" tall by 5 3/4" wide) format, we produce these facsimile's in A4 format (i.e. 11 3/4" tall by 8 1/4" wide).  We do this because pre-war catalogs had not started to use the now common concept of an 'exploded' diagram.  Instead every item was shown as a very small picture on its own (see pictures listed with this item to see what we mean).  We have found that from a restorer's perspective - enlarging these diagrams to A4 format makes them much clearer to identify than looking at the picture in the original format with a magnifying glass!

It is printed on high quality 100gm branded Xerox paper/card on a commercial quality printer. The cover is card, of similar quality to the original - with the colour also similar to the original year.  You may find other cheaper reproductions on Ebay, but I doubt they will be the same quality as ours and have the time spent cleaning them up from the originals as ours have - which is reflected in the price 


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