Late Norton/AMC Type Clutch - Female Thread Slotted Clutch Screws - Stainless Steel: Each

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This is the slotted head/female thread style clutch spring locating bolt, fitted to later AMC style clutch's, fitted from approximately 1957 onwards.  These slotted nuts are CNC manufactured just as original pattern but in stainless steel.  

Price is Each, 3 required per clutch.

This type of clutch spring bolt/cap was fitted to Norton clutch's on all models (other than Manx) once Norton's went over to using the AMC style gearbox and clutch, which was approximately 1957.  That said, I have seen these clutch's retrospectively fitted to earlier Norton models - and the easy identifier to work out if you need this kind of clutch spring bolt is - does the clutch have a threaded stud coming up from the spring area, that requires a bolt with female thread?  If so, then these are the correct slotted bolts (with lip on the opposite side to centralise the clutch spring) for that type of clutch.

As with most of our parts, these are CNC manufactured in stainless steel and replicate the original dimensions.

Note - as per the original nuts, this type require a special slotted screwdriver type tool to screw them in.  At a push you can purchase a large flat headed srewdriver and use an angle grinder to grind a gap in the centre of the screwdriver tang.  Alternatively, you can buy off Ebay a short lenth of  5/8" x 1/6" flat bar, again grind a gap in the centre and create some form of simple handle or gafffa tape to create an easy tool for adjusting this type of screw.  I still have a homemade screwdriver on a hex bar handle that came from my father sometime in the 1960's!

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