Lipped (Early M30/Manx Spec) Type Hex Wasted Head Clutch Spring Screw - Stainless Steel: Each

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This is a wasted/competition version of the lipped clutch bolt design fitted to most standard Norton clutch's from 1930's through to the introduction of the AMC clutch in the late a1950's.  This item is CNC manufactured from stainless steel with shoulder to centralise clutch spring - its head is drilled in the centre to reduce weight, which also looks very pretty on an open competition clutch!  Price is each.

Price is Each, 3 required per clutch.

There are a 'wasted'/competition version of our 'standard' type pre-AMC clutch bolts . . . and I would be the first to admit - they are the final bit of BS for your open competition clutch type Norton . . . but they do look pretty, and you can argue they are lighter than the standard bolt!

If you have a competition Norton single with open clutch these are an ideal alternative to the square head Manx Norton type clutch bolts we also offer (Item 0881).  Some people also prefer to fit these lipped, hex headed type clutch bolts to pre-war racing Norton's . . . as the square headed bolts were more often seen on postwar racing Norton's.  

Like the standard lipped clutch bolts (Item 0882), these are CNC manufactured from round stainless bar, with the hex head milled in the correct imperial spanner size, but with the addition of the centre of the bolt being drilled and chamfered.  Being stainless they do not rust and look very pretty

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