Lipped (Early Standard) Type Hex Head Clutch Spring Screw - Stainless Steel: Each

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This is the lipped clutch bolt design fitted to most standard Norton clutch's from 1930's through to the introduction of the AMC clutch in the late a1950's.  This item is CNC manufactured from stainless steel with shoulder to centralise clutch spring.  Price is each.

Price is Each, 3 required per clutch.

There were a few variations on this bolt made over the years - but many clutch's over the years seemed to have lost the original lipped bolt, instead being fitted with a normal small bolt and loose washer . . . making fitting very fiddly and annoying.  

These bolts are based on original A2/403 lipped clutch bolts shown in the 1948 Spare Parts Catalog, which were fitted to all models other than the Manx Norton which used the square head racing bolts (which we also make - Item 0881).  Being a lipped bolt, they are manufactured from stainless round bar, with the hex head being milled to the correct imperial spanner size as original.

Although made originally for standard models, that said, some people also prefer this type of bolt on an open competition clutch, particularly pre-war bikes, as some think this head is prettier and allows a normal hex spanner to be used (we also sell a drilled/wasted version of this bolt for that real competition look - see Item 0883).

These bolts are same length as original bolts, have a slight lip to centralise clutch spring and as they are CNC'd in stainless steel, will not rust - and finally, look very pretty!  

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