Clutch Spring Holder Cup for Standard Norton Clutch (Stainless Steel) - Each

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Clutch spring cups to fit standard 1930's/60's Norton (4 plate type) clutch - these cups are 1.450" in length. CNC machined from stainless steel bar. Price is each

These cups are CNC machined from solid 1" bar stainless steel to the original dimensions of the standard Norton 4 plate road specification clutch (as fitted to all roadgoing models - SV/OHV/SOHC and twins from the 1930's through to the 1960's) - those cups having an overall length of 1.450" length.  

As well as being very pretty (if we do say so ourselves), being manufactured in stainless steel they will not rust.  This is less of an issue if used on a road bike with an oilbath, but useful if using on a racing bike (I always used the larger standard clutch on sidecar outfits) or just if the bike is standing for long periods in a damp environment, as the original pressed steel item is prone to rusting.  

Update January 2023:  Now back in stock again.  FYI - original Norton clutch spring cups were cheaply made from pressed out steel tube - because htey used heavyweight press tools.  Unfortunately, today that is not viable - hence why we have to machine these from expensive 1" diameter solid stainless bar, and each one takes a long time to machine, due to the amount of material to be removed.  Given the recent (2022-23) increases in both material and electricity costs . . . we hope you will understand why these are not cheap! 

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