Norton Saddle Springs - Original 1930's Pattern (As fitted to International and M30 Models) - Pair

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These are black satin coated barrel shaped saddle springs - of the type seen fitted to many Norton models, particularly competition SOHC (International/M30) models through the 1930's and 1940's.  Price is per pair.  See listing for detail and photographs

There were various saddle springs fitted over the years, but if you look at many of the period 1930's and 1940's photographs of Norton motorcycles - particularly the competition/racing International/M30 models, you will see they were fitted with a distinctive barrel shaped spring, which was often black coated - particularly on competition and Works bikes.  These springs here faithfully replicate that style and shape of spring and are UK manufactured by our main spring manufacturer, so are excellent quality.

The accompanyning period photographs shows a Works Norton from approx 1934, and other plunger framed Works bike from approximately 1938 and another Norton sales catalog picture of a (approx) 1948 production Manx Norton and you can see they are all fitted with saddle springs of the type shown here.

We have also taken time to ensure the bolt holes are a good close fit to the standard 5/16" bore bolts fitted to Norton frames.  The springs come black satin coated and are ready to fit.  They are supplied each packed in grease proof paper and sealed bag to protect from scratching in storage.

We also sell chrome saddle springs from an offshore supplier, and although they provide excellent value for money, we believe these springs are of superior quality and fit to the original Norton springs (and obvioiusly the setup of these springs from a UK manufacturer is reflected in the higher price).

Update 15/5/20:  For those interested, we will shortly be CNC manufacturing the vertical seat pillar assemblies that are often seen fitted to original rigid and plunger racing Manx Nortons under these springs, and allow the final height of the seat to be adjusted.  As always, these will be manufactured in stainless steel and should look nice on all models fitted with the vertical saddle lugs on the frame.

For those customers who have a Norton model fitted with the saddle lugs that come out horizontally - we are considering having a batch of similar springs manufactured, with the longer bottom vertical length and vertical eye at the end - as fitted to these models.  Email us on if interested to allow us gauge interest.  

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