Norton Telescopic Fork : Steering Head Ballrace Cover - All Road Models (each)

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This is a faithful reproduction of the pressed steel cover that protects the top steering head ballrace from grit and dirt on all roadgoing telescopic fork models.  an original Norton pressed steel cover was used as the pattern to make this. 

Item is steel unpainted (although we spray in small amount of Duck Oil to prevent rusting in storage).

This item fits under the distinctive large shouldered nut, that screws down the main steering column, and sits directly over the top steering head race, protecting the ball race from ingression of dirt and grit.  This type was fitted to all roadgoing telescopic forked models - i.e. OHV, SOHC, SV and twins.  We also sell a similar item - 0873, which is slightly shallower and was fitted to telescopic Manx Norton models.

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