Air Adjuster Cable Adjuster and Locknut to fit original Amal TT, RN and GP Carbs - 2 Parts

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2 part air adjuster cable adjuster and locknut to fit original Amal TT, RN and GP competition carburetters, manufactured in stainless steel, with the same profile as the original competition items

These are CNC manufactured from stainless steel with the distinctive flat top face above the knurl - only fitted to the racing carburettors.  Locknut uses the correct imperial across flats dimension as the original (originals being used as the template for these).

This cable adjuster (and indeed the complete air adjuster mechanism) was often removed from Amal competition carbs in period.  If they are still in place it is very common for someone to have tried to unlock them with pliers - as the originals were plated brass - this almost always crushed the top cable recess or ruined the knurl.  Therefore, these adjusters with the correct profile are now very hard to find in good condtion - our adjusters are therefore a nice detail touch!

Note - April 2020:  although this cable adjuster looks similar to the main throttle cable adjuster - that cable adjuster was a wider diameter and they are not interchangeable.  We will shortly be offering the similar profile throttle cable adjuster and locknut

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