Cable Adjuster and Locknut (0.250" BSC) - Original Amal TT/RN Knurl (Air Slide) Type. SS - 2 Parts

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This is a cable adjuster and locknut with a 0.250" BSC thread, which is of the distinctive 'knurled' type that were originally fitted to Amal TT, RN and GP competition type Air Slides - however, they can also be used as throttle cable adjusters on other carb types - that had a similar thread, or a 1/4" through hole to take a similar adjuster. 

Price is per adjuster and nut.

These are CNC manufactured from stainless steel with the distinctive flat top face above the knurl - only fitted to the racing carburettors.  Locknut uses the correct imperial across flats dimension as the original (originals being used as the template for these).

This cable adjuster (and indeed the complete air adjuster mechanism) was often removed from Amal competition carbs in period.  If they are still in place it is very common for someone to have tried to unlock them with pliers - as the originals were plated brass - this almost always crushed the top cable recess or ruined the knurl.  Therefore, these adjusters with the correct profile are now very hard to find in good condtion - our adjusters are therefore a nice detail touch!  We sell the complete TT/RN/GP air slide kit - whiich includeds this threaded adjuster and locknut as Item 0149, however, some customers may already have the other parts - and as it is this adjuster that commonly gets 'mauled' most commonly, we also sell this adjuster and locknut seperately here.

Fitment to later TT Carbs and other carbs and Twistgrip Throttle Assemblies:

This particular type of adjuster was always fitted to the TT/RN (and GP) Air Slide cable top piece - it having a 0.250" BSC Thread.  Most earlier Amal TT and RN carburettors (approximately up to 1952) used a different (larger - 3/8" BSC thread) adjuster for the throttle cable and Top Cap - we also sell that item - Item 0874).

Later TT and GP carburettors often had a Top Cap to take a much slimmer throttle cable adjuster, similar to that used on the roadgoing Amal Monobloc and Concentric carburettors - that type was of lesser diameter than the adjuster shown here - but we sell that type of adjuster as well - Item 0149.

However, you may find that some Amal TT Top Caps have a 'through hole' - which may be of 0.250" diameter (I have seen numerous patterns fitted over the years to these carbs) - in whcih case this could be a suitable altenative.

Twistgrip Throttles: (i.e. genuine Doherty Type):   It should be noted that most genuine Doherty Twistgrips (including the modern genuine Doherty twistgrip we sell - Item 0942) did not have provision for a cable adjuster to be 'screwed in' to the handlebar casting - instead they had an 'unthreaded' hole - which might have had a ferrule or an adjuster dropped into that hole in period.  We manufacture a stainless steel 'Top Hat' Ferrule for this type of Doherty Twistgrip - see Item 1178, but as can be seen in the accompanyning photographs of both a genuine original Doherty quick action twistgrip, and a modern Doherty twistgrip (Item 0942) - the knurled adjuster and locknut offered here is also a viable alternative to be used with a throttle cable on the Doherty type twistgrips of that type - as the 0.250" diameter adjuster is a perfect 'drop fit' into the hole, and where the locknut is used to adjust the final tension of the cable (and being stainless steel, they are less likely to rust in the elements).


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