OHV/SV Big End Complete With Nuts - Higher Performance Caged Roller Type - Each

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Manufactured by a well established and specialist British bearing supplier who have been making these Bigends for many years - this particular Bigend is of modified 'Caged Roller' design - more suited to high performance than the original Crowded Roller type.  Comes complete with BigEnd nuts.

The overall dimensions of this Bigend are as per the original - so can be fitted to standard crankshafts without any modification - but like SOHC engines, they have rollers running in a cage - which means they are less likely to rub and overheat.  They are more suited to an OHV engine that is being used for prolonged high speed usage or performance events.  (However - do not forget:  OHV and SV engines were originally fitted with Cast Iron flywheels - not steel flywheels like the OHC engines, therefore you still need to bear this in mind - from my own experiences racing OHV engines, I know the flywheels are often the limiting factor!).  

These BigEnds come supplied 'hot dipped' in protective grease as per photograph, as a complete assembled unit and include the Bigend Nuts as well.

A typical OHV mid-1950's crankshaft is shown in the second photo (this being from a 600cc Model 19) - but this Bigend is of the type fitted to all OHV and SV models from the 1930's to the late 1950's - i.e: Model 18, ES2, Model 19, 500T, Model 50 (350cc), 16H and Big 4.  Email us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk if you are unsure if this will fit your model 

Update Feb 2021: We are now offering these OHV/SV Bigends, from the same manufacturer that has provided our SOHC BigEnds for many years.  If you wish to have these Bigends fitted and the outer race honed by us - then contact us at sales@racingvincent.co.uk for availability and turnaround time (we have offered this service for SOHC conrods for many years).

FYI - If these are showing out of stock - it normally means we have a new batch on order, so feel free to order and we will email when a new batch is expected in - this normally is no longer than 1 - 2 months from showing out of stock

We also offer a similar OHV/SV BigEnd with the original type 'Crowded Roller' design, which is slightly cheaper - Item 0863

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