Lockwired Housing Screws - Lucas Comp Type: NR1 Road Racing Mag Type : Stainless Steel - Each

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These housing screws are CNC manufactured in stainless steel to the exact specification of the original housing screws fitted to Lucas road racing NR1 magnetos of the 1940's-1960's. 

This particular type have a hex head (and ours are manufactured with the correct imperial hex dimensions - not metric!), two through holes for lockwire (of the correct hole dimension - so they look just like originals) but no screwdriver slot.

for some reason the rare NR1 type magneto did not normally have a screwdriver slot on the housing screws, unlike the more common slotted screw which was fitted to most other Lucas competition magnetos. I believe the Lucas NR1 was first manufactured pre-war, as well as just post-war (and was an optional fitment on Manx Norton's to more commonly seen BTH KD1), so perhaps it was because this magneto preceded the later 1950's/60's K2FC and similar, that Lucas themselves realised in practice that a screwdriver slot was a good idea - and introduced it later on? 

If you prefer the slotted type screw we also sell that - Item 0860 (and there are photos of some of the magnetos commonly using that type of housing screw in that listing), but if you have a genuine road racing NR1 magneto - of the type shown in this listing, then this un-slotted type is actually the correct original fitment

We know these are not cheap . . . but no apologies - they are a difficult and time consuming item to make, even on a CNC - the correct hex is milled onto round bar, then the lockwire holes are also milled with the correct size hole.  They do look very nice though and unlike original will not corrode as they are in Stainless Steel. They really set off a restored magneto.  Price is Each

Final Note:  Note an original NR1 housing bolt was used as the pattern for these bolts and is shown in the last photograph alongside these

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