Air Adjuster/Early Type Throttle Spring to fit Original Amal TT/RN carbs (Each)

Product no.: 0850 TT Spring

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This is the spring of the correct dimensions to fit the Amal TT/RN/GP air adjuster assembly.  It is also of the type shown fitted to earlier Amal TT and RN carburettors, before the introduction of conical springs on competition carburettors. 

These are high quality UK manufactured (plated) springs, of similar strength to originals.  We use them in our Air Adjuster kits.

However, these springs are also of the type that were found fitted to Amal TT and RN carburettors before the introduction of the more commonly found conical spring (which we sell - Item 0144).  They fit neatly in the recess at the top of the TT/RN carb top, where the original type cable adjuster fitted.  However, it must be noted that although useful to use for this purpose - you must be comfortable yourself that you choose a spring (either conical or straight type like this item) that is of satisfactory strength to ensure the slide will close fully.  Different people have their own preference on throttle spring strength - some people do not like to have to exert a lot of effort to open the throttle - but it is important to adjust any throttle spring to ensure the throttle will close fully if you take your hand off the twistgrip.  In the past I have adjusted the length of the spring a small amount - to ensure that the throttle will easily close fully once I have let go of the twistgrip.

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