Tyre Inner Tube Valve Caps - 'Period' Steel Type - Per Pair

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Period Style (i.e. early 1900's to 1950's) Valve Caps - Pair

Anyone that has recently bought a new motorcycle inner tube will know they always come these days with a black plastic valve cap - most of them, with an inbuilt valve remover.  Even if you manage to find more period looking metal valve caps - most of them also seem to have the little extra bit at the top for removing the valve.  Although this valve remover is a useful feature - it also normally has a hole through it, which lets the air out and defy's the point of having a valve cap really!!

Therefore, we sell these very nice period looking steel valve caps, with a (red) nylon sealing washer on the inside, and nicely plated.  As well as looking period for any bike from the early 1900's through to the 1950's, they are closed, and therefore will not allow air to escape through the valve if your bike is stood up for long periods of time (like most of mine are!). 

In the accompanying photograph I have one fitted to my 1919-20 Douglas, which is fitted with Beaded Edge tyres - which are very susceptable to losing air, so hopefully these will help.  They look nice as well 

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